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Supply Chain and Logistics

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A sophisticated logistics strategy can do amazing things: push the limits of operational efficiency, give you unprecedented visibility into your supply chain, or improve your long-term customer relationships and service levels. But first, you must securely integrate with the end-to-end information ecosystem.

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Cleo

Cleo Integration Cloud delivers advanced data and ecosystem management capabilities to optimize your supply chain and logistics integrations and better meet customer demand. Improve how you secure internal and external business data flows and information systems connectivity — on-premise and in the cloud — and ramp up business process efficiency for effective supply chain management.

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Cleo Integration Cloud enables optimized supply chain and logistics integration.
Comprehensive library of high-frequency and industry-specific protocols

Protocol depth

Connect, integrate, and transform dataflows with a comprehensive library of high-frequency and industry-specific protocols

Enhanced SLAs

Enhanced SLAs

Reduce the time to resolution, enhance visibility into your data, and leverage real-time 24/7 monitoring to keep you on top of even the strictest SLAs

 Meet all levels of compliance


Provable tracking and audit trails to meet all levels of compliance across business, application, and big data integration

We love the fact that Cleo can handle any translation and protocol in a single tool, and we like that it can do any data transformation. The Cleo technology natively handles X12 and EDIFACT without much work, and it has very good error tracking. It's truly a complete integration solution.

Tom Loftus

Saddle Creek Logistics, Director of Data Integration Systems