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EDI Managed Services

Forget lengthy onboarding processes and slow setup times. Ensure on-time delivery and boost customer satisfaction with 24/7/365 expert EDI support and a 1-hour response guarantee.
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“Cleo’s team helped us move all this complex integration work out of our in-house data center in favor of a Managed Services approach where we entrust Cleo to do the onboarding, the map creation – everything.”—Rich McNaught, Senior Director of IT at Brother International.


Learn how Brother International utilizes Cleo’s managed services team to ensure its EDI and B2B integrations run smoothly, allowing them to process 600k+ transactions per month.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to FAQs and learn more about our EDI service offerings.

Are we able to switch from managed services to the hybrid model or self-service model? And vice-versa?

Yes, customers can switch between service models depending on their evolving needs. For example, a smaller company may opt for the self-service approach in the beginning, but as the organization grows and receives more business, the business can switch to Cleo’s managed services team to keep up with demand. Unlike other “black-box” MS providers, Cleo solution is always available for a flexible delivery model.

We’ve used managed services in the past but in doing so, we lost a lot of visibility into our integrations and EDI transactions. Will this happen?

We know how important transparency and visibility are to our customers. That’s why Cleo’s managed services team provides the highest level of transparency and visibility possible to our customers, even if the customer wants to be largely hands-off. 


With Cleo’s managed services, customers can still experience end-to-end visibility through the CIC Cockpit which provides when it comes to transaction history, order processing, SLA management, real-time data, customer support tickets, and more.

What are the hours of operation for Cleo’s managed services team?

With offices around the globe, Cleo’s managed services team operates 24/7. So even when your team leaves work for the evening or weekend, Cleo’s managed services team will continue to monitor your integrations around the clock. Therefore, you can rest assured that your system is continuously being monitored and managed, even when you are away from your desk.

Can you go into more detail about how the hybrid services approach works?

Our hybrid approach is our most flexible service offering, as it is a combination of our self-service and managed services approaches. The hybrid approach is customizable to each customer's individual needs. 


For example, a company might have the internal bandwidth and expertise to handle all things EDI, except for issue resolution. The company can decide to keep all EDI responsibilities like partner management, onboarding and configuration changes  in-house besides issue resolution, which is then outsourced to Cleo’s team of experts to handle. The technicalities of each hybrid plan can be altered as a company’s needs evolve.

If we submit a service ticket to Cleo’s Solution Center, how can we keep internal stakeholders and our trading partners informed on its status?

With Cleo, we provide direct collaboration abilities with internal and external partners. This includes the ability to share tickets with an ecosystem partner or internally. This keeps all relevant information together, making it easier to keep track of responses, while also ensuring everyone is informed every step of the way.

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