Manufacturing Integration Solutions

Tired of juggling multiple systems and endless data entry? You're not alone. Today's complex supply chains require a smarter way to manage everything, from raw materials to finished goods.

Introducing Cleo Integration Cloud. It's your one-stop shop for streamlining operations and gaining complete control.

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Take control of your integrations & accelerate growth

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No more missed transactions. Ever.

Optimize your manufacturing operations with Cleo Integration Cloud

Improved Efficiency: Slash manual work by up to 80% with automated processes and self-service integrations.

Enhanced Visibility: Gain real-time insights across your entire supply chain for faster decision-making.

Cost Savings: Minimize errors, optimize routing, and reduce costs with streamlined processes.

Effortless Compliance: Proactive alerts and monitoring keep you on top of SLAs and prevent costly penalties.

Happy Customers, Repeat Business: Deliver exceptional experiences with faster deliveries, accurate orders, and improved communication.

Customer success stories

Discover how Cleo has transformed businesses like yours

  • Duraflame Cleo case study
    Duraflame reduced time spent manually fixing EDI orders by 90%

    Duraflame chose Cleo to help mitigate any risks that peak season brings to their B2B integration strategy. They’re now spending less time resolving EDI issues and more time focusing on onboarding new business.

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  • Sauder Woodworking Cleo Case Study
    Sauder gained control needed over rapidly changing market dynamics

    Sauder Woodworking chose Cleo Integration Cloud to accommodate EDI, API, and Flat File requirements for over 200,000 transactions / month across 170+ trading partners worldwide.

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  • New Balance Cleo Case Study
    New Balance accelerated trading partner onboarding by 4x

    Cleo allowed New Balance to properly govern how data is sent to partners with an industry-grade, reliable integration solution.

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“Cleo’s team helped us move all this complex integration work out of our in-house data center 

in favor of a Managed Services approach where we entrust Cleo to do the on-boarding, 

the map creation – everything.”

-Rich McNaught, Senior Director Of It, Brother

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Find best practices, explore use cases, and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud with resources including solution overviews and one-pagers.

  • Business-Process-Visibility-Manufacturing
    Procurement Automation Solution

    Empower every vendor/supplier with a standardized way to manage orders, fulfillment, and invoicing to drive efficiency to new heights.

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  • Order Automation EDI Integration Solution
    Order Automation Solution

    Automate order receipt, processing, inventory management, and invoicing...freeing your team from human errors.

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  • Manufacturing API Integration
    Real-time API Integrations

    Seamlessly integrate with suppliers and partners for smoother material flow, automate processes and optimize inventory levels, and track shipments in real-time.

    Read the API Use Case Sheet
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