Integration Solutions for Wholesale

Wholesale Integration Solutions

500+ wholesalers choose Cleo Integration Cloud to deliver on supply chain integration excellence. EDI for distributors, wholesalers and other suppliers that need to keep pace with the retail supply chain. Add trading partners and scale revenue.

Wholesale EDI Solutions

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Cleo is a leader in EDI for Wholesale

G2 Leader - Fall
Leader Enterprise Fall 2021
Best Usability Mid-Market Fall 2021
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G2 Leader - Fall Mid-Market
Leader Enterprise Fall 2021
G2 Leader - Fall Mid-Market
Best Relationship Fall 2021

One Secure Platform for Every Wholesale Integration Requirement

  • Keep ahead of fluctuating supply availability and inventory pricing
  • Stay competitive in an evolving and digitally strengthened marketplace
  • Enable omni-channel presence for seamless customer experience
  • Break through application silos and consolidate your integrations
4 x


10 x


80 %


40 %


No Matter Your Role or Challenge,
Cleo Integration Cloud Offers a Solution


Integration Developers
Operations Managers

  • Challenges:

  • Manual order & update processes

  • Slow document tracking & troubleshooting

  • Outcomes:

  • Automated order & status update processes

  • Faster document reconciliation & exception management


eCommerce Manager
Key Accounts Manager

  • Challenges:

  • Poor customer scorecards

  • Managing customer escalations & disputes

  • Outcomes:

  • Improved customer scorecards

  • Accelerate customer responses & reduce disputes



  • Challenges:

  • Risk to overall supply chain & business performance

  • Lack of data-driven approach to agility but an eye to the cloud

  • Outcomes:

  • Improve performance & elevate the customer experience

  • Transform the business & the technology stack



  • Challenges:

  • Long order-to-invoice cycle time

  • Penalties from load tender rejections, ASN inaccuracies

  • Outcomes:

  • Faster order-to-invoice cycle time through

  • Reduced penalties via reliable & accurate dataflows

Our Wholesale Customers Gained These Integration Outcomes:

  • Managed all their EDI to move B2B data transformation 100% into the cloud
  • Reduced business partner and user support calls by 75% 
  • Discover and fix partner errors at a 40% faster rate 
  • Addressed support tickets in hours, rather than days or weeks
Wholesale Integration Outcomes

Cleo Integration Cloud Keeps Barilla Cooking

When you're one of the world's leading producers of pasta, sauces, and other premium food products, any EDI downtime can have serious implications for your business relationships. Learn why Barilla America trusts Cleo to mitigate those risks.

“At the end of the day, we want to be easy to do business with ...
Cleo helps us accomplish that goal by allowing us to better communicate
with both customers and partners. You can’t put a price on that.”

- Michael Hegarty, Director of ERP & CRM Corporate Strategy

The Cleo Wholesale & Distribution Solution Brief

500+ industry-leading wholesalers and distributors choose Cleo Integration Cloud for wholesale EDI and application integration to streamline and automate revenue-driving business processes.

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