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About this program

As your ecosystem integration technology partner, Cleo’s continuous goal is to make your company successful by helping you achieve your desired business outcomes. When you do, Cleo’s Customer Advocacy Team stands ready to work with you and your marketing partners to share the story of what you’ve achieved. Partnering with us will further enhance the value of your Cleo relationship, and put the spotlight on your company in new and creative ways.

Cleo Customer Advocacy Program
Your story matters

Your story matters

No doubt other companies facing similar challenges will be interested in the story of your success … so why not showcase your company as an industry thought leader? Innovation is always noteworthy, and your story is unique!

What technology challenges did you face? How did you overcome them? What has been the impact on your business? What about  your relationship  with Cleo are you most proud of?

How it works

There are many ways to participate, and how (or how much) is entirely up to you. The Cleo Customer Advocacy Program offers myriad ways to benefit your business. By teaming our communications team members with your Subject Matter Experts, we can work together to tell your story in the most accommodating ways possible, including:

How Cleo's customer advocacy program works
Cleo Customer Advocacy Program

What's in it for me?

  • - Extra marketing support
  • - Increase your company’s brand awareness
  • - Raise your professional profile
  • - Exposure to Cleo technology experts and executive leaders
  • - Extend your existing marketing / communications program
  • - Thought leadership opportunities

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