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With solutions to automate business processes including ordering, load tendering, procurement & more, your organization can avoid slow response times, manual data input errors, integration complexity, bottlenecks, missed SLAs, and violation fees.
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Saddle Creek Logistics

“The ability to provide accurate data and process automation has led to increased efficiency and improved service levels while keeping our resource costs down. We can implement simply and quickly to meet customers’ and operational needs, and it’s easy to see that our integration capabilities have become a differentiator for Saddle Creek.” - Tom Loftus, Director of Data Integration Systems at Saddle Creek Logistics Services

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to FAQs and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud.

How many users can have visibility into the business process automation flows that are going through the platform?

Unlimited. As many users as you grant access to.

What are some of the main benefits of business process automation with Cleo technology?
  • Eliminate manual intervention. Improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of errors, SLA violations, chargebacks, and supply chain disruptions.
  • Improve process visibility. Allowing users to drill down multiple layers into any flow or transaction, eliminating chargebacks and fines from missed transactions. 
  • Scale your business. Keep up with growing demand by harnessing automation to process all orders and transactions.
Are EDI integration and business process automation both included in Cleo Integration Cloud?

Yes, EDI integration and business process automation both come standard in Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC). This differs from other providers that require customers to purchase additional packages to access these features.  

What are some examples of processes we can automate?

Three common processes that Cleo customers automate include order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and load tender-to-invoice.

By automating these processes with Cleo Integration Cloud, your business can avoid slow response times, manual data input errors, integration complexity, bottlenecks, missed SLAs, and violation fees. Simultaneously, your business can gain end-to-end integration visibility, more employee bandwidth, faster processing times, fewer supply chain disruptions, and more satisfied customers.

How does automation help our business grow?

Automation helps businesses grow because it allows them to process more orders overall, which also means more revenue. Additionally, automation reduces employee workload, allowing employees to focus their attention on other important assignments that cannot be automated. 

This means that organizations can make more money while being more efficient, enabling companies to scale their business as demand grows. 

Learn how Cleo supercharges order cycles

Modernize your core business processes & gain control in every stage of fulfillment.

  • Load tender-to-invoice
    Load Tender Response Automation

    Automate load tendering for a faster, smoother workflow and gain real-time visibility into your entire load tendering and booking process. 

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  • Order-to-cash automation
    Order Automation

    Automate every order with flexible API, EDI, and web portal solutions and gain real-time insights into your order flow.

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  • Procure-to-pay automation
    Procurement Automation

    Automate every step of your procurement process, eliminating the inefficiencies of manual workflows.

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