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Order-to-Cash Automation

Use a top-rated integration platform to orchestrate processes for receiving and fulfilling orders


Cleo Integration Cloud automates the order-to-cash cycle end-to-end, eliminates failure points, and provides visibility into every integration flow – so you can proactively manage your business.

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Order-to-Cash Challenges

The challenge: you have multiple applications, several systems, many enterprises

Without modern integration technology, O2C is less of a process and more of a tangled set of steps

  • Enterprises differ in document requirements like ff, ss, csv
  • Requiring different protocols like AS2, SFTP, REST, Email
  • Relying on separate backend systems including ERP, CRM, TMS
  • Different systems need certain document types and formats such as iDOC, EDI, EDIFACT, pdf

Your order-to-cash runs on EDI

EDI solutions enable you to send a sizable number of essential messages for each stage of the purchasing process.


Proven to increase productivity, O2C automation allows your organization to reduce errors, and enhance operating cash flow. With a more efficient order-to-cash cycle, you are better positioned for greater volume and sustainable growth.

Why automate your order-to-cash process?

Costly manual processes should be expedited
A modern solution lets you avoid:

   · Error-prone, manual data entry​

   · Complex, custom coded solutions

   · Siloed systems and applications with low visibility

order to cash processing challenges
Order to Process with Cleo Connecting All Systems

Why choose Cleo Integration Cloud for O2C automation?


Better integration pertaining to order, inventory, and payment data across applications means business optimization.
  • Mitigate manual errors and dissatisfied customers
  • Increase cash flow speed & lower DSO
  • Avoid complexity of legacy systems and ERPs
  • Enhance visibility in fulfillment
  • Leverage controllable business logic

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Automate the order-to-cash cycle end-to-end, eliminate failure points, and provide visibility into every integration flow – so you can proactively manage your business.

  • 10 X Faster Partner Onboarding

  • 40 % Integration TCO Reduction

  • 80 % Faster Issue Resolution

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