Order automation solution

Order Automation

Say goodbye to manual workflows and automate every order 
with flexible API, EDI, and web portal solutions.
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Improve customer satisfaction, boost operational efficiency, & gain a competitive edge with Cleo’s order automation solutions

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Here's how Cleo can help you streamline & automate order processing

Choose from EDI, API, and web portal integration approaches:

  • Order Automation EDI Integration Solution
    EDI integration
    • Seamlessly connect with your trading partners who use EDI. Cleo supports established protocols like AS2, SFTP, and more, ensuring smooth communication.
    • Automate data exchange for orders, invoices, and other B2B transaction documents. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce errors.
    • Guarantee data accuracy throughout the order process. Say goodbye to errors and delays caused by manual data manipulation.
    • Gain real-time visibility into your EDI transactions. Monitor and control your order flow more effectively with instant insights.
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  • Order Automation API Integration Solution
    API integration
    • Integrate with any vendor that utilizes API technology, modernizing your B2B ordering process. Cleo offers a vast library of pre-built connectors, or you can leverage custom API integrations for a flexible solution.
    • Automate data exchange in real-time. Ensure consistent and accurate data flows across your systems, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
    • Streamline workflows associated with order processing. Free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives by automating repetitive tasks.
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  • CIC ORCA order automation web portal screenshot
    Web portal integration
    • Self-service portal empowers buyers who lack EDI or API capabilities to place and manage orders, track shipments, and access invoices on their own time.

    • Deliver a seamless eCommerce to EDI workflow directly into your back-end ERP

    • Real-time visibility provides instant access to critical information like inventory levels and order status.

    • Eliminate order processing errors and ensure faster turnaround times.

    • Simplify communication with your team through centralized order management.

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No matter your trading partners’ technical capabilities, Cleo offers a solution to automate your B2B ordering

CIC ORCA order automation diagram

Say goodbye to manual workflows

See how Cleo Integration Cloud automates and simplifies the order-to-cash workflow.

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