Cleo's MFT Software Named 'Best of 2022'

Our award-winning MFT software gives you the complete and total control you need to manage all your important business data flows.

With Cleo Integration Cloud, you'll get pre-built connectors that allow you to start transferring files in hours, secure file transfer protocol (secure FTP) support for all your trading partners, and an enterprise-ready secure file sharing application.


What is MFT Software?

Managed file transfer (MFT) is designed to connect all your information sources and consumers in a way that ensures governance and control of data movement across your organization and into your partners’, suppliers’, and customer’s organizations.

Secure, reliable, and scalable MFT software quickly connects to internal systems and your business ecosystem, while moving data quickly and remaining compliant across all data interactions.


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Benefits of Investing in the Right MFT Software


Data security

Eliminate security gaps and governance challenges with structured access control.



Consolidate all integration processes onto a single platform for central control and management.



Connect internal and external file sharing and collaborative workflows.



Track all files that are received by or sent from your organization.


Process automation

Build, transform, and automate integrations by leveraging APIs.

Benefits of Choosing Cleo's MFT Software

Scale Faster for Your Enterprise Deployment

1M Files/Hr

Cleo MFT architecture is made to handle the largest deployments demanded by enterprise companies, allowing you to broadly scale your solution. Utilize scalability features like: 

  • Support extremely large data volumes from trading partners (1m files/hr) 
  • Create clusters without requiring a database, ensuring no single point of failure.

100% Up-Time to Give You Peace of Mind

20+ Protocols

Cleo enterprise MFT offers your business high reliability and complete resilience to database failures, with zero downtime. Take advantage of reliable up-time and security features including:

  • Utilize visibility and auditability features like centralized file tracking, content filtering, and searching
  • Dashboards for data tracking, alerts and notifications, and non-event alerting​
  • Complete multi-protocol support (20+ protocols) allowing you to handle whatever requirement comes up 
  • Built-in certificate and encryption management, ensuring data is securely encrypted in-transit and at-rest

Integrate Data Movement with Everything Else


Integrate data movement with everything else

Cleo Enterprise MFT gives you complete adaptability, enabling you to embed data movement within your current business process and greater infrastructure. Standard integration features include:

  • Create natural extensions to your DevOps initiatives including containerization and the ability to deploy agent templates with registration rules
  • Deploy infrastructure as code, including API-driven configurations, push-button deployment, and embeddability

Enable Complete Security and Governance


CIC Private Cloud for MFT provides extensive features and functionality to secure your file transfer environment and govern your trading partner community.

  • Secure access control via LDAP
  • Enable antivirus and content scanning through ICAP
  • Authorization (OAuth 2.0), authentication (SAML), encryption, certificate management
  • Perimeter layer security with bidirectional proxy architecture
  • Reporting, audit trails, and visibility dashboards

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G2, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as a Leader on the G2 Crowd Grid® across multiple categories, including Best Managed File Transfer Software.

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More About Our Leading Enterprise Managed File Transfer Solution

  • Platform APIs for MFT to design and instrument automated data flows
  • Connect your trading partners, internal systems, and cloud storage applications
  • Enable "always on" with highly available, highly reliable file transfer that drives 100% uptime
  • Support API-driven configurations


Cleo Protocol Endpoints

Certified Cloud File Transfer Service

Drummond Group
Drummond Certified

Cleo Integration Cloud secure AS2AS3, and ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service) protocol connectors are fully certified by Drummond Group for interoperability and conformance, and for the reliability and security of data interchange.

FIPS Certified

Cleo offers a FIPS 140-2 Certified data encryption solution that meets the security requirements set forth by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for government agencies and other firms with technology solutions and services used in the government sector.

Odette Certified

Cleo Integration Cloud provides an Odette-certified OFTP2 protocol connector, ensuring reliable data interaction and the secure exchange of critical business data.

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