Procure to Pay Automation

Procure-to-Pay Automation

Use a top-rated integration platform to automate every step of the P2P integration process.


Using Cleo Integration Cloud for Procure-to-Pay automation, your organization can mitigate costly errors, avoid bottlenecks and focus on more critical operations that drive your business.

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Manual Procure-to-Pay Issues

The Problem

Multiple applications, several systems, numerous enterprises


Without a modern integration technology, P2P is less of a process and more of a disjointed set of steps.

  • Enterprises differ in document requirements like ff & ss
  • Requiring different protocols like AS2, SFTP, REST, Email
  • Relying on separate backend systems including ERP, CRM, WMS
  • Different systems need certain document types and formats such as XML, JSON, Database, iDOC
The Solution
Procure-to-Pay automation with Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC)

Automate every step of the P2P integration process to drive efficiency and eliminate costly manual work-flows.

Reduce manual errors and increase process efficiency. With more efficient procurement cycles, you are better positioned to avoid process failure and can reallocate your internal resources to support other mission critical processes.

Procurement automation solution
Load Tender-to-Invoice Automation

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Procure-to-Pay Integration Automation

The Problem

You buy from non-EDI capable suppliers


80% of SMB Suppliers lack the ability to support EDI / API integration.

Manual order management with vendors increases points of failure in every transaction, causes human error, and leaves you with limited visibility, auditability, and non-repudiation.

The Solution
Digitize your procurement processes with non-EDI trading partners through a web-based portal

CIC PAVE streamlines Procure-to-Pay (P2P) across your supplier ecosystem in order to:

  • Eliminate manual document exchange
  • Drive up efficiency with every supplier
  • Support global procurement and supplier diversity
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Reduce costs, speed the process, and free up staff from manual order-to-invoice processes and troubleshooting.

  • 25 X Reduction in EDI cost

  • 40 % Faster P2P processes

  • 50 % B2B resource reduction

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