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Professional Implementation Services

Professional Implementation Services
Turnkey migration and implementation services

Turnkey migration and implementation services

Maintain business continuity with complete solutions for trading partner setup & onboarding, legacy integration system migration, back-office system integration, modernization and more.

Our teams have extensive EDI expertise to support any-to-any mapping and our API-first platform supports any real-time supply chain integration use case.  Working collaboratively, we help design, build, and orchestrate end-to-end business processes from source to target, providing seamless integration into back-office enterprise applications (ERP / TMS / WMS / CRM) for any supply chain interaction.

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Trading Partner Management

Cleo Trading Partner Management Services
Get complete control over onboarding

Get complete control over onboarding

Trading Partner Management (TPM) is a complete, managed services solution that offers on-demand onboarding and management of your API and EDI-based trading partners.  Our managed services team support:

  • Design, test, and deployment of your API / EDI connections

  • Post-deployment updates to connections, maps, and integrations 

  • End-to-end integration directly into your back-office on-premise and cloud systems (ERP, TMS, WMS, databases, and others)

  • Collaborative approach where you lean on Cleo for expertise and execution for any trading onboarding or on-going management need

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With Cleo, we reap the benefits of their team's expertise and management while freeing up time for our in-house team to focus on other initiatives.

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Transactional Monitoring & Management

Transactional Monitoring & Management
Cleo Partner

Partner with Cleo for continuous monitoring of every B2B transaction

TM&M is a post-deployment managed services solution for monitoring transactions around-the-clock.  Our dedicated team of experts takes responsibility for proactively managing your transactions – and engages in reprocessing or redelivery of transactions when issues occur. 

Our team commits to a 1-hour response time for support requests and tickets.  Additionally, this managed service will support resolving trading partner outages that are unrelated to the Cleo Integration Cloud platform – giving you peace of mind that no B2B transaction is ever missed again.

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We’re eager to ensure that you quickly and continuously enjoy the value of your Cleo products and services.

Our Solution Center provides an overview of your customer support options, assurances, and contacts, along with the ability to check the status of your requests, submit new tickets to our support team, and much more.

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Cleo Training

Maximize your investment in Cleo Integration Cloud with world-class training

Cleo prides itself on providing a variety of training resources, from a self-service knowledge base to structured courses that allow your team to get certified.

  • Knowledge Base

    Self-service online portal with thousands of articles, best practices, and tips.

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  • Cleo University

    Structured coursework designed to make you a Cleo solution expert.

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    Certification process to take your expertise to the next level.

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