We look different
because we are.

Compared with other software companies, Cleo is different – for one big reason: We genuinely appreciate our customers and the integration technology challenges they’re facing.  

We always put their interests first, and never quit until their problems are solved. 

About Cleo

Here at Cleo, we always say Cleo … never stops. 

It’s a fitting way to do business because, in these disruptive times, as organizations look to digitally transform, their ecosystem interactions and business relationships are vitally important to their success.  By working with Cleo, they know they’re in good hands no matter how much or how fast their business situation changes. 

What’s novel about our approach is that Cleo gives customers strategic, “outside-in” visibility into the critical end-to-end business flows happening across their ecosystems -- of partners and customers, marketplaces, and internal cloud and on-premise applications – so they can connect,  integrate, and analyze what’s happening at each and every integration touchpoint.

This way, Cleo creates value by empowering organizations to drive business agility, accelerate onboarding, facilitate modernization of key business processes, and capture new revenue streams by reimagining and remastering their B2B, application, and data integrations. 

Like we said.  Different. 

Cleo by the numbers
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One vision.

Meet the Cleo leaders who have built an inspiring culture focused on creating value for our customers with cutting-edge integration solutions and world-class services and support.


What We Do
One platform.

Cleo Integration Cloud helps companies to create a flexible and agile digital business platforms that enables frictionless integration and fluid business processes across your ecosystem of partners, clouds, and applications.

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Build and maintain trusted relationships across your partner ecosystems today to advance your business tomorrow.


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One team.

Cleo is growing…fast. 5X in 5 years. To match our growth, we’re expanding our passionate team of dedicated integration innovators and customer success gurus in dozens of cities around the globe. Want to join our team?

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