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End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility Means Saying Goodbye to Missed Transactions

23% of companies say visibility is one of their biggest integration challenges. With Cleo Integration Cloud, you'll gain full transparency with real-time visibility dashboards and actionable insights designed to empower all users.

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“Technology has empowered us to become a customer-driven business. Because industry trends and changing demographics are so important to understand, we really rely on data visibility and real-time insights to study and understand our customers – wholesale, retail, and end customers alike.” —Jan Arvay, Vice President of IT at Sauder Woodworking.


Learn how Sauder Woodworking utilizes CIC for enhanced visibility that allows them to provide personalized customer experiences, giving them a competitive advantage.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to FAQs and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud.

Multiple people on my team want to quickly access pertinent information, can they each create their own customizable dashboard?

Yes, with CIC users can create their own personalized dashboard so it only displays the information they want/need to see. This removes the need for users to sift through unnecessary and irrelevant information and instead lets users easily access a snapshot of key data. 

How does CIC’s visibility provide our business with actionable insights?

CIC is extremely useful when it comes to decision-making. This is because CIC collects data in real-time from all integrated systems and displays them in one, centralized location. Thus, users no longer have to hunt through various platforms to manually extract data. 

This up-to-minute data is then neatly compiled in customizable dashboards, allowing users to analyze the information and use it for influencing strategic decision-making. 

We’ve looked at other integration solutions that also offer error notifications but the notifications are only available in-platform. How can our team be notified of an error if our team is not in-platform when an issue arises?

CIC is unique because we offer in-platform notifications, as well as email notifications. Therefore, even if a user is not physically on the platform or is away from their computer, they will still receive a notification via email informing them of the issue. The user can then hop into the platform to fix the error before it becomes a larger issue.

How does Cleo’s visibility help with error resolution?

Cleo Integration Cloud was designed with the user in mind. We understand not everyone is an integration expert. As a result, we made an easy-to-use platform so users of every level feel comfortable navigating it. 

This intuitiveness was also incorporated into our error resolution process. We provide users with all the information they need to rapidly resolve issues that arise. By providing error notifications, the location of where an error occurs, real-time data, and the ability to look into any transaction, our “glass box” transparency approach puts your team back in control. 

We’ve used managed services in the past, but in doing so, we lost a lot of visibility into our integrations and EDI transactions. Will this also happen with Cleo’s managed services?

We know how important transparency and visibility are to our customers. That’s why Cleo’s managed services team provides the highest level of transparency and visibility possible to our customers, even if the customer wants to be largely hands-off. 

With Cleo’s managed services, customers can still experience end-to-end visibility through the CIC Cockpit which provides when it comes to transaction history, order processing, SLA management, real-time data, customer support tickets, and more. Not to mention our managed services team has 900+ years of international experience and our customers who utilize our team of experts experience 80% faster issue resolution speeds.

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