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You no longer need multiple solutions to
achieve end-to-end ecosystem integration.

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Consolidate EDI, file, and API-based integration

Connect, transform, and integrate your ecosystem transactions with the industry's most powerful B2B integration platform. 


Onboard partners & applications faster

Combine templates, connectors and pre-defined partner profiles with our managed services to capture revenue faster.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Real-time integration visibility designed for every role

Customizable dashboards to surface technical & business insights. Drill down into reports for immediate intelligence to optimize productivity and operational efficiency.


Rapidly assess the health of your EDI integrations

First-rate exception management to rapidly identify issues. Utilize top-down views to pinpoint risks and immediately take action to resolve errors.


Drill down into any integration flow

Quickly access meaningful context by refining messages with multiple filters and intuitive search. Get detailed insights into any transaction within seconds.


Bring a glass-box to a black-box integration world

Intuitive interfaces to eliminate blind spots, gain transparency, and collaborate to resolve issues faster.


Empower users with hands-on controls for issue resolution  

Follow, track, and share issue status. Gain operational control through self-service message reprocessing.


Seamless end-to-end business process visibility

Tie together transactions that compose critical business processes, such as order-to-cash (O2C) or procure-to-pay, to gain complete context for every ecosystem interaction.


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Eliminate the complexity of orchestrating end-to-end integration flows
CIC interactive
Real-Time Dashboards


Real-Time Dashboards & Actionable Insights
  • Persona-based operational visibility
  • Hands-on troubleshooting
  • Modern administration and configuration
CIC Agent
Private Cloud Connectivity

CIC Agent

Connect & Integrate Ground to Cloud
  • Gain end-to-end visibility to eliminate integration blind spots
  • Complete control in the cloud
  • Automate and orchestrate the "last mile" of any integration
CIC Studio
Integration Development Tools

CIC Studio

Rich Integration Designed for Agility & Control
  • Design, build, and operate orchestrations, maps and integrations
  • Create, test, and publish File-based, EDI and API integrations
CIC Engine
Protocol Engine

CIC Engine

API & Protocol Connectivity
  • Email, Mailbox, Portal
Integration Engine

CIC Engine

API & B2B-based Integration
  • Any-to-Any Transformation
  • JSON, XML / cXML, Flat File, Spreadsheet, and Database
  • EDI, EDIFACT, and Tradacoms
Packaged Cloud

CIC Connectors

API-based Integration & Packaged Cloud Connectors
  • Quickly connect mission-critical applications & backend systems
  • Reduce custom coding
  • Accelerate time-to-revenue
Consolidate EDI, API and file-based integration with the leader in cloud integration
Connect Your Ecosystem Endpoints

Connect Your Ecosystem

Leverage a breadth of protocols including AS2, FTPs, HTTPs, SFTP, email, and others to establish secure connections to your ecosystem

Support Any Data Format

Support Any Data Format

True any-to-any transformation engine for the toughest integration requirements 

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Support all B2B integrations: EDI, API, flat file, spreadsheet, JSON, and XML formats amongst others

Faster partner onboarding and seamless application integration
CAGR 2012-2018 – 31%

Expand Sales

Quickly design, configure, and orchestrate integrations with popular applications and marketplaces with 50+ out-of-the-box connectors

Accelerate Time-to-Business

Accelerate Time-to-Business

Define, configure, and onboard trading partners with 900+ pre-defined business connections & profiles

Automate business processes


Dynamically orchestrate end-to-end business processes and integration data flows to any cloud or on-premise location

Gain real-time insights for better decision making
Uncover Actionable Insights

Uncover Actionable Insights

Enable data-driven decisions through real-time alerts, notifications, and acknowledgments

Resolve Issues Faster

Resolve Issues

Identify rejected transactions and immediately resend or reprocess them with a single-click  

Empower Every Role

Every Role

Provide technical and operational details, operational integration visibility, and partner scorecard access with persona-based dashboards

Optimize business processes and partner relationships
Stay Ahead of the Business

Stay Ahead of the Business

Easily manage runtime changes such as map tweaks, certificate management updates, or changes to an application endpoint

Carrier-Grade scalability

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce fees from outsourced providers with a predictable commercial model and deploy in our cloud or yours

Ensure auditability with full audit trails of all end-to-end business process activity

Exceed SLA Requirements

Complete integration flow visibility to reduce chargebacks and violation fees

Leverage unparalleled choice and control for integration confidence
Create Your Own Integrations

Create Your Own Integrations

Intuitive, self-service design and build tools support quick deployment of integrations flows


Engage Managed Services

Engage Managed Services

Utilize Cleo's expert team with over 900 person-years of experience to design and build your integrations

Best of Both Worlds

Best of
Both Worlds

Elevate agility and control through self-service integration design and build or bootstrap your skillset with Cleo services


Compare Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud combines the best of traditional and modern cloud integration services into a single ecosystem integration platform, designed to deliver business outcomes.

Integration design time and deployment
CapabilityCleo Integration CloudLegacy EDI Software / ToolkitsIntegration Brokerages (IB)iPaaS
Onboarding (Communications)
Industry certified support for any and all communications standards and protocols
Often requires 3rd-party technology or solutions
Industry certified support for any and all communications standards and protocols
Uncertified or basic support for limited protocols
Onboarding (Maps)
Based on existing standards and templates; scalable wth multiple re-uses
Based on custom scripting and code
Outsourced to IB with minimal input from customers and partners
Minimal support with basic templates
EDI Integration
Dynamic and adaptive EDI and non-EDI capabilities with any-to-any transformation and integration
Rigid and non-adaptive EDI transformation and integration capability based on custom scripting and code
Black box as a fully-managed service
Minimal support or requires 3rd-party technology or service
Application Integration
Library of application, infrastructure, protocol connectors and robust API framework
Based on custom scripting and code
Based on custom scripting and code
Library of application connectors and robust API framework
Business process design and automation
Intuitive wizard-driven end-to-end process creation, testing and execution
Out of scope
Out of scope or black box as a fully-managed value added service
Intuitive wizard-driven end-to-end process creation, testing and execution
Operational governance and runtime
CapabilityCleo Integration CloudLegacy EDI Software / ToolkitsIntegration Brokerages (IB)iPaaS
Management & Control
Self-service exception monitoring, interactive and transparent support with automated alert notifications
Out of scope
Black box as a fully-managed value added service
Out of scope or requires 3rd-party technologies or service
Visibility & Analytics
Self-service, real-time operational dashboards, analytics, and auditable reporting
Requires 3rd party technologies or domain expertise
Bolt on or as ad hoc value added service
Out of the box general reporting tool available for visibility
Persona-based Experiences
Configurable operational dashboards and controls for business, operational, and technical users
Out of scope
Out of scope
Out of scope
Solutions by Industry
Logistics and Transportation

Cleo logistics and 3PL solutions provide deep automation for B2B/EDI, application, and e-commerce integrations



Use integration to enable fully-automated transactions reducing data entry errors & speeding up business processes


Wholesale and Distribution

Gain unprecedented visibility into your inventory levels and comprehensive insight across your digital supply chain


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