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The Integration Chronicles Podcast

Cleo’s Tushar Patel and Frank Kenney bring you The Integration Chronicles: the only podcast focused on ecosystem integration. Ecosystem integration is the modern, innovative way to extend and augment B2B integration. Each episode will feature industry leaders and integration experts who discuss relevant integration topics, with a specific focus on the supply chain. You'll learn how to grow your business faster, pick up best practices for scaling your organization, and discover new ways to drive operational efficiencies.

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Episode 5

Why is EDI important in eCommerce?

November 11, 2021
Guest: Rich Baker/Director of IT at Minnetonka Moccasin Company.

Today’s episode uncovers how upgrading their EDI solution and drop shipping capabilities enabled Minnetonka to grow their business via marketplace channels. Our guest, Rich Baker, walks us through how Minnetonka is evolving within the changing retail landscape, their relationships with big-box retailers, and how eCommerce has been an incredible driver of growth. Rich will also explain why Minnetonka chose to modernize their EDI solution prior to an ERP migration.
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Episode 4

Why is cloud technology important for manufacturers?

October 07, 2021
Guest: Jan Irvay/VP at Sauder Woodworking

This podcast episode features a recording from a fireside chat at our recent Cleo connect event. Jan Irvay shares her thoughts on trends in customer expectations for manufacturers and how to keep up, what goes into cloud technology investment decision-making, and why a cloud based solution to handle EDI & non-EDI transactions is critical in today’s world.
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Episode 3

How to maximize your EDI investment

September 30, 2021
Guest: Jeff Copper/EVP and Practice Leader at CAT (C&A Technology)

In today’s episode, we talk about maximizing your EDI investment. Our guest Jeff Copper explains the ways EDI can add tremendous value to businesses, and offers tips on how to help your organization realize that value (like how to eliminate manual entry/efforts with EDI and save your organization time & money).
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Episode 2

Should you choose a self-service or black box solution?

September 23, 2021
Guest: Marin Morita/Professional Services Director at Data Communication Solutions Inc.

Today’s episode addresses the concept of self-service integration versus black box solutions when it comes to integration. Our guest Marin Morita walks us through what black box integration really means and shares her thoughts on some of the pros and cons of self-service, black box and blended approaches to integration.
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Episode 1

How does a company change its culture?

September 16, 2021
Guest: Trey Willis/CTO at CTSI-Global

Trey Willis gives his perspective on how important the culture of IT is in affecting change in an organization. His experience & advice can guide you in shifting your strategy to align with what’s happening in the market, all the while motivating your technology & IT teams in helping to change the culture of your organization.
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