B2B Gateway: Your gateway to better business outcomes.

Connect, consolidate, and integrate data flows that keep critical business information moving into a single B2B gateway. Simplify complex integration processes with faster and more secure data exchanges that enable flexible, agile, and scalable business ecosystems.

Easily connect internal systems, SaaS applications, and external trading partners

Connect quickly

Easily connect internal systems, SaaS applications, and external trading partners with unparalleled protocol and connector depth

Access real-time data visibility

Maintain compliance

Ensure regulatory, industry, and partner requirements through real-time visibility, alert notifications, and audit trails


Drive uptime

Maintain 100 percent uptime with database independence, high availability, and load balancing for steadfast business continuity

Next-generation B2B gateway

Technology can hold up well for its original purpose, but can your business benefit from a next-generation solution that does more to enable business success?

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The Cleo solutions delivered the security and reliability necessary to successfully support a global supply chain management operation. Cleo’s single-platform technology enables JDA and its dynamic customer base to manage their supply chain services now and into the future.

John Frazier

VP of Cloud Services, JDA Software

Why Cleo Integration Cloud for B2B gateway?

Stop wasting time and money on repurposing functionality and data from legacy systems

• Consolidate legacy technologies

• Integrate tools, technologies, partners & other business units

User Review: Lipari Foods

"Cleo has allowed us to run our business and move data upstream and downstream effectively."

Michael Hegarty, Director of IT   |   Lipari Foods

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Move data better

Simplify complex integration processes to do more at the speed of business

• Exchange data with partners faster

• Highly-scalable for peak business transaction volumes

• Achieve frictionless dataflows and crystal-clear visibility

Ease the IT burden

Reduce the burden of building and managing critical integrations, while positioning your company to meet future integration needs

• Reduce issue recognition from hours or days, to mere seconds

• Remove slower manual tasks in error ID and resolution processes

• Reallocate resources to other business needs

Cleo B2B gateway features

Cleo Integration Cloud’s B2B gateway enables organizations to consolidate systems and workflows to move, view, and act on data in real time.

Data movement

Move data, of any size or volume, faster than competitive solution

Data transformation

Ensure you can quickly accept and process any data format

Data orchestration

Automatically route data based on determined business rules

Data governance

Track end-to-end data flows to ensure compliance and auditability



Keep track of system health in real-time, and receive notifications based on system performance or other metrics

EDI support

Cleo’s B2B gateway EDI solution ensures reliable EDI interactions