Automate your supply chain with pre-built end-to-end integrations

No coding, no headaches. Leverage out-of-the-box integration solutions to connect your ecosystem and back-office enterprise systems.

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Pre-built integrations

Empower your organization to gain control and optimize execution of your supply chain

Pre-built integrations are agile, scalable, and ready to propel your business forward
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See how Cleo's pre-built integrations compare to traditional connectors

Cleo's pre-built integrations vs. traditional connectors

Explore common integrations

Explore popular out-of-the-box connections

NetSuite Amazon Integration
NetSuite-to-Amazon Seller Central (FBM)
NetSuite Shopify Integration
NetSuite to ANSI X12 integration
NetSuite-to-EDI X12
Truckmate X12 integration
TruckMate-to-EDI X12
D365 BC X12 integration
D365 BC-to-EDI X12
D365 SCM X12 integration
D365 SCM-to-EDI X12
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