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Web EDI Portals

Cleo offers a powerful suite of web EDI portals designed to help businesses of all sizes achieve seamless electronic data interchange (EDI) with their trading partners.
Whether you're a small business seeking a user-friendly entry point or a larger organization looking for a scalable web-based EDI solution, Cleo has you covered.
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No matter your trading partners’ technical capabilities, Cleo can help you achieve seamless EDI integration

Cleo provides two distinct web EDI portal options to cater to your specific requirements:

  • cic-procure-to-pay
    Procurement Automation Web Portal

    Eliminate manual document exchange and empower every vendor/supplier with a standardized way to manage orders, fulfillment, and invoicing to drive efficiency to new heights.


    • Empower even your smallest suppliers who lack EDI or API capabilities.
    • Offer a user-friendly web portal for vendors to submit quotes, receive purchase orders, and manage invoices.
    • Eliminate manual order entry and streamline communication for all vendors.
    • Increase supplier adoption and extend automation benefits across your entire network.
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  • CIC ORCA order automation web portal screenshot
    Order Automation Web Portal

    Automate every order with a self-service portal that empowers buyers who lack EDI or API capabilities to place and manage orders, track shipments, and access invoices on their own time.


    • Deliver a seamless eCommerce to EDI workflow directly into your back-end ERP

    • Real-time visibility provides instant access to critical information like inventory levels and order status.

    • Eliminate order processing errors and ensure faster turnaround times.

    • Simplify communication with your team through centralized order management.

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Benefits of Cleo's web EDI solutions:

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