Issue and error resolution

Issue & Error Resolution

Eliminate errors and chargebacks with proactive monitoring, alerts, and actionable insights. Gain drill-down visibility to pinpoint issues quickly and resolve them in-house or leverage Cleo's global experts for fast fixes.
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“Our costs and efficiencies have resulted in an average ROI of $5,000 a month, and having direct access to the map and communication means we spend less time troubleshooting EDI issues. Client satisfaction has also increased, as there are fewer problems with our in-house EDI connections, and our time to resolve and respond to our customers when issues arise has decreased by at least 60 percent.” Terri Sandine, Manager of Application Development at Mohawk Global Logistics.


Learn how Mohawk Global accelerates error resolution while cutting EDI costs by $60k a year with CIC.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to FAQs and learn more about issue & error resolution with Cleo Integration Cloud.

We’ve looked at other integration solutions that also offer error notifications but the notifications are only available in-platform. How can our team be notified of an error if our team is not in-platform when an issue arises?

CIC is unique because we offer in-platform notifications, as well as email notifications. Therefore, even if a user is not physically on the platform or is away from their computer, they will still receive a notification via email informing them of the issue. The user can then hop into the platform to fix the error before it becomes a larger issue. 


When it comes to custom alerts for each trading partner and SLAs, users can customize alerts based on:

● How long a company has to respond to the trading partner until the SLA is violated 

● Selecting if users should be notified of at-risk SLAs—meaning an alert will be sent out when an SLA is in jeopardy of being missed

● Setting up email notifications for missed and at-risk SLAs

We’ve used managed services in the past for error resolution but in doing so, we lost a lot of visibility into our integrations and EDI transactions. Will this also happen with Cleo’s managed services?

We know how important transparency and visibility are to our customers. That’s why Cleo’s managed services team provides the highest level of transparency and visibility possible to our customers, even if the customer wants to be largely hands-off. 


With Cleo’s managed services, customers can still experience end-to-end visibility through the CIC Cockpit which provides when it comes to transaction history, order processing, SLA management, real-time data, customer support tickets, and more. Not to mention our managed services team has 900+ years of international experience and our customers who utilize our team of experts experience 80% faster issue resolution speeds.

How does Cleo’s visibility help with error resolution?

Cleo Integration Cloud was designed with the user in mind. We understand not everyone is an integration expert. As a result, we made an easy-to-use platform so users of every level feel comfortable navigating it. 


This intuitiveness was also incorporated into our error resolution process. We provide users with all the information they need to rapidly resolve issues that arise. By providing error notifications, the location of where an error occurs, real-time data, and the ability to look into any transaction, our “glass box” transparency approach puts your team back in control. 

If we submit a service ticket to Cleo’s Solution Center, how can we keep internal stakeholders and our trading partners informed on its status?

With Cleo, we provide direct collaboration abilities with internal and external partners. This includes the ability to share tickets with an ecosystem partner or internally. This keeps all relevant information together, making it easier to keep track of responses, while also ensuring everyone is informed every step of the way.

Does Cleo offer issue and error resolution services?

Yes, our managed services team can help your company with error resolution and management. Not every company has the bandwidth and/or expertise to handle issue resolution, so our global team of experts is available 24/7 to ensure errors are fixed quickly before they cause any disruptions.

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