Back-office system integration

Back-Office System Integration

Create complete, end-to-end B2B integration flows to any ERP, TMS, WMS or other back-office application by leveraging pre-built API & EDI integrations, and manage everything in one place.
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Enable true end-to-end integration, all the way into your back-office systems

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“The Cleo suite has been excellent in helping us to integrate our back-end and homegrown systems to these third-party systems.” - Ed Krupka, CIO at Burris Logistics.


Learn how Burris Logistics achieved end-to-end integration between back-office and trading partner systems.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to FAQs and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud.

What technology can we use to integrate with back office systems?

There are various ways of integrating into back office systems, including:

  • EDI and flat file-based integration—typically in XML, JSON, or CSV format
  • Database inserts—read and write directly from a database
  • APIs
How does integrating our TMS and ERP improve efficiency?

Rather than relying on humans to manually perform each step in an order process, customers can automate end-to-end processes (such as load tender-to-invoice) to improve efficiency and reduce errors that could lead to supply chain disruptions.

What are common back office systems that we can integrate?
  • ERP
  • TMS
  • WMS
  • SCM
  • HCM
How does integrating our back office systems provide us with greater visibility?

When a customer uses Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) to integrate their back office systems, all the data from the connected systems are displayed in one, centralized location. This location is called the CIC Cockpit.

In CIC Cockpit, users can create customizable dashboards that pull data from integrated systems in real-time, track and monitor transactions, identify and fix errors, manage SLAs, and more.

Can we use Cleo for our back office and B2B integrations?

Yes! Cleo can be used for both internal and external integrations. Our technology and products support a wide range of integration protocols and use cases, including:

Business Process Automation (load tender-to-invoice, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay)

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