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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration.
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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE) is an ERP featuring more than 80 modules designed with industry depth and business flexibility. The Cleo Integration Cloud connects Oracle JDE and your other business applications to keep data aligned between front-end and back-end systems.
Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne benefits
Frictionless application integration.
  • Eliminate manual integration processes
  • Reduce custom coding and leverage APIs
  • Verify and transform your data
  • Connect application dataflows to your EDI system
  • Sync customer, business, and supply chain data to your back-end systems
Why choose Cleo for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration?
Keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions
Gain end-to-end process visibility to increase business intelligence and proactively respond to issues
Connect disparate data, applications, systems, and trading partners to enhance critical business processes

To achieve agility and experience maximum value, multiple integration approaches may be necessary, including file-based, application, message-based, service-centric, on-premises, and cloud.

Frank Kenney

Cleo, Market Evangelist and Strategy Director

Benefits of Cleo’s Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration
Integrate Oracle JDE for digitally fluid end-to-end business processes.
Speed up and simplify
  • Cut implementation time
  • Map and model processes
  • Customize to meet trading partner requirements
Create and maintain
  • Detect and automate inbound and outbound EDI processes
  • Streamline integrations with customers, vendors, and other trading partners, and leverage API connections
  • Easily manage JDE trading partner integration by exception
What you can do with the Cleo Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne connector
The Cleo Oracle JDE integration connector delivers reliable integration with Oracle applications, your CRM and other business-critical systems, providing a complete and unified view into customer engagement throughout all business processes.
  • Enable hybrid integration processes between cloud applications and on-premise systems
  • Support proprietary integration requirements including JDE F47 tables, JDE F55-F59 tables, and JDE implied decimal fields

  • Employ a metadata importer to support Z-file metadata import

  • And much more!

EDI integration for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Cleo’s application integration connector for JD Edwards provides complete, configurable integration processes for X12 EDI order-to-cash and procure-to-pay transaction sets. EDI integration includes the following transaction sets, and more:
Inbound EDI Transactions JD Edwards Target Tables Outbound EDI Transactions JD Edwards Target Tables
810 Invoice F47041/F47042/F47044/F4706 810 Invoice F47046/F47047/F470461/F4706/F4714
820 Payment Order F47111/F47112/F47113/F47114 850 Payment Order F47016/F47017/F47065/F4714/F4715
823 Lockbox F47111/F47112/F47113/F47114 853 Product Activity F47126/F47127
850 Purchase Order F47011/F47012/F4717/F4715/F4706 855 PO Acknowledgement F47026/F47027/F4714
856 Advanced Ship Notice (SOPI) F47031/F47032/F4706/F4714 856 Advanced Ship Notice (SOI) F47036/F470371/F4706
856 Advanced Ship Notice (SOTPI) F47031/F47032/F4706/F4714 856 Advanced Ship Notice (SOIP) F47036/F470371/F4706
860 Purchase Order Change F47131/F47132/F4706 856 Advanced Ship Notice (SOPI) F47036/F470371/F4706
867 Product Transfer and Resale F47011/F47012/F4717/F4715/F4706 856 Advanced Ship Notice (SOTPI) F47036/F470371/F4706
945 Warehouse Shipping Advice F47131/F47132 940 Warehouse Shipping Center F47027/F47027
    846 Inventory Advice F47126/F47127
Get started with Cleo’s Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration
Connect and integrate your Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne data today.
With application integration from the Cleo Integration Cloud, you can easily connect Oracle JDE to enable:
  • Seamless integration with your ERP, CRM, EDI, and fulfillment systems
  • Secure data handoff to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis
  • Drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes
Remove integration complexity.

See the Cleo Integration Cloud in Action

Connectivity across every integration scenario between systems, applications, clouds, and business ecosystems.


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