Logistics and Transportation Integration Solutions

Do you struggle with managing multiple platforms and manual data entry in your logistics operations? You're not alone. Today's complex supply chains demand a more efficient way to connect shippers, carriers, and brokers.

Our logistics integration solution is your one-stop shop for streamlining operations and gaining complete control.

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Deploy faster while gaining control and visibility

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Our comprehensive solution delivers a range of benefits to optimize your logistics operations

Improved Efficiency: Reduce manual work by up to 80% and streamline workflows with automated data exchange and self-service integrations.

Enhanced Visibility: Gain real-time insights into shipments, inventory, and overall operations, allowing you to react quickly and make informed decisions.

Cost Savings: Minimize errors, resolve issues faster, and potentially reduce costs with optimized routing and streamlined processes.

Compliance Made Easy: Ensure adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and avoid costly penalties with proactive alerts and monitoring.

Customer Satisfaction: Deliver exceptional customer experiences with faster deliveries, accurate orders, and improved communication.

Customer success stories

Discover how we've helped businesses like yours streamline operations, gain complete visibility, and achieve superior results.

  • Verst Logistics Cleo Case Study
    Verst reduced their error rate by 94%

    Verst Logistics chose Cleo Integration Cloud for it’s EDI and API needs, leading to ability to say “yes” to more of API requirements and EDI mandates, all while lowering their error rate from 4% to 0.24%.

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  • Allen Lund Cleo Case Study
    Allen Lund grew connections by 20x in 5 years

    Leveraging Cleo Integration Cloud, Allen Lund is able to quickly provide information to customers who ask questions like ‘why does this order look like this?’ or ‘why did the load go out like this?’.

    Watch Allen Lund's Testimonial
  • Mohawk Global Cleo Case Study
    Mohawk Global reduced EDI issue resolution time by 60%

    Having direct access to maps and communications means Mohawk spends less time troubleshooting EDI issues. Client satisfaction has improved as a result of accelerated error resolution / response time.

    Read Mohawk's Story

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Find best practices, explore use cases, and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud with resources including solution overviews, tours, and one-pagers.

  • Load tender-to-invoice
    Load Tender Response Automation Solution

    Slash load tendering time and costs with real-time visibility and automation. Learn what you’ll gain with Cleo's load tender automation solution.

    Learn About the Solution
  • CIC Platform Tour
    Cleo Integration Cloud Tour

    See how easy it is to track Motor Carrier Load Tenders and quickly identify issues in the platform.

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  • API Use Cases for Logistics
    Real-time API Integrations

    See how Cleo Integration Cloud supports common API-based use cases including real-time shipment visibility & tracking, spot rate lookup & comparison, freight marketplace integration, and much more.

    Read the API Use Case Sheet
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