Logistics andTransportation Integration Solutions

Integrate with shippers, carriers, and brokers to streamline your logistics operations.

Cleo Integration Cloud provides self-service and managed service solutions for API, EDI and non-EDI integration use cases.

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Take control of your integrations & accelerate growth

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The reviews are in and our users love us! Cleo is a leader in API & EDI integration for Logistics providers
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API Integration Use Case Logistics & Transportation

Real-time API integrations

Optimize supply chain management, streamline order fulfillment, and enhance real-time visibility into shipments.

Our Logistics solution supports common API-based use cases including real-time shipment visibility & tracking, spot rate lookup & comparison, freight marketplace integration, and much more.

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Business insights and analytics

Unleash hidden insights, eliminate errors, and conquer SLAs with real-time visibility & advanced analytics.

  • Optimize routing and schedules: Reduce costs and time-to-market by uncovering delays and bottlenecks.
  • Predict and prevent issues: Proactively address potential problems before they impact your bottom line.
  • Boost team efficiency: Empower decision-makers with real-time data and personalized dashboards.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction: Deliver seamless experiences with increased order accuracy/faster issue resolution.
  • Eliminate hidden fees: Stay compliant with SLAs and avoid costly penalties with proactive alerts and monitoring.
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Turnkey migration and implementation services
Get complete control over onboarding

Self-service integration

Skip the code, empower your team, and conquer complexity.

  • Deploy integrations in minutes, not months: Forget custom coding and long wait times. Pre-built schemas and wizards guide even non-technical users to connect systems seamlessly.
  • Reduce manual work by 80%: Automate repetitive tasks, free your team from integration headaches, and unlock them to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Adapt on the fly: React to changing markets and customer needs instantly with self-service adjustments and updates to your integrations.
  • Scale freely, conquer confidently: Expand your network of partners and connections effortlessly as your business grows.
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Say goodbye to manual workflows

See how Cleo Integration Cloud automates and simplifies the load tender-to-invoice workflow.

Explore common integrations

Customer success stories

Discover how Cleo has transformed businesses like yours

  • Verst Logistics Cleo Case Study
    Verst reduced their error rate by 94%

    Verst Logistics chose Cleo Integration Cloud for it’s EDI and API needs, leading to ability to say “yes” to more of API requirements and EDI mandates, all while lowering their error rate from 4% to 0.24%.

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  • Allen Lund Cleo Case Study
    Allen Lund grew connections by 20x in 5 years

    Leveraging Cleo Integration Cloud, Allen Lund is able to quickly provide information to customers who ask questions like ‘why does this order look like this?’ or ‘why did the load go out like this?’.

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  • Mohawk Global Cleo Case Study
    Mohawk Global reduced EDI issue resolution time by 60%

    Having direct access to maps and communications means Mohawk spends less time troubleshooting EDI issues. Client satisfaction has improved as a result of accelerated error resolution / response time.

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Empower every role in your organization to solve the toughest supply chain challenges


Integration Developers
Operations Managers


Director of Business Intelligence IT Systems Manager









Onboarding partners takes far too long

Managing siloed systems

Risk to overall supply chain & business performance

Manually inputting customer orders, BOL, & invoice inquiries

Complex, time-consuming error resolution and change management

Difficult or impossible to track Load Tender / Warehouse Order / Shipment Request responsiveness to customers and from carriers

Inability to handle emerging API demands jeopardizes customer retention and growth

Limited to no visibility into shipment statuses impacts answering customer questions





Reduce onboarding time to hours/days with self-service and reusable templates

Streamline LT2I via connected systems & trading partners

Improve performance & elevate customer experience

Automate business document retrieval & provisions

Identify and resolve issues quickly with proactive alerting and hands-on control

Easily manage your SLA/KPI performance with real-time visibility & status updates

Use your integration capabilities as a differentiator to grow your business

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores with clear, consistent updates

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Dive into Cleo's solutions tailored for each type of Logistics organization

Third-Party Logistics
Trucking & Freight
Warehouse & Storage
Air Freight

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Find best practices, explore use cases, and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud with resources including solution briefs, tours, and videos.

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    Logistics & Transportation Solution Brief

    Gain a better understanding of our platform, including key capabilities and benefits.

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  • CIC Platform Tour
    Cleo Integration Cloud Tour

    See how easy it is to track Motor Carrier Load Tenders and quickly identify issues in the platform.

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  • Day in the life of a Logistics Cleo Integration Cloud user
    How Logistics & Transportation Companies Are Getting Ahead

    Watch a day in the life of a Cleo Integration Cloud user at a Logistics company.

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