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Onboard Trading Partners in as Little as a Few Hours

60% of companies say it takes more than one week on average to onboard a new trading partner.

Get 10x faster trading partner onboarding by leveraging the Cleo Network and pre-built EDI and API integrations to automate direct integrations into your back-office application.​

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Slash onboarding times. Improve revenue velocity.

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“It was taking eight weeks to set up a new customer. Now we can do it in less than three days. And nine times out of 10, we have been able to activate a full EDI setup with a customer in less than three days as well.”—Todd Baughman, VP of Technology at Giltner Logistics. 


Learn how Giltner Logistics uses Cleo Integration Cloud to shorten onboarding times by 95%.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to FAQs and learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud.

Why is efficient trading partner onboarding critical to my business?

Every single trading partner is going to have different requirements when it comes to onboarding. Failing to meet those requirements in a timely manner often results in a reduction in new sales and lost revenue opportunities.

In short, slow, or inefficient trading partner onboarding can be crippling to a business. Efficient onboarding differentiates outstanding organizations from good ones. It reinforces their brand, increases customer retention, and propels growth. Efficient onboarding means getting to business faster and accelerating time-to-revenue.

Does Cleo offer help with trading partner onboarding?

Cleo can definitely help with trading partner onboarding. We offer three flexible service approaches, self-service, managed services, and a hybrid approach.

With the managed services and blended approaches, customers can outsource onboarding responsibilities to Cleo’s team of worldwide experts that are available 24/7. In return, your team’s workload is lightened, allowing them to work on more pressing assignments. 

After onboarding new trading partners, what are best practices towards managing new integrations?

Onboarding is not the end of managing a trading partner relationship. Oftentimes, maps will need to be reconfigured, certificates will expire, and requirements will change. Even after your trading partner is onboarded, you should also retain a partner change management process to maintain the business relationship. Ongoing trading partner management includes:

  1. Refinement of business processes & data mapping as your business or your trading partners’ business evolves
  2. Implementation of new business processes with existing trading partners
  3. Maintaining a test environment to test and validate changes as they’re needed
  4. Being able to rapidly react to and fix disruption to trading partner information flows
How complete are the Accelerators, Boosters, and Connectors?

Cleo’s Accelerators, Boosters, and Connectors are predominantly built-out, requiring minimal effort from our customers to get new trading partners onboarded. The remaining work is largely customizing certain aspects of the template/business logic to make sure it fits the exact needs of your business, as well as fulfills the requirements of your trading partners.

Different trading partners have different requirements. How do we know Cleo supports our various trading partners’ requirements?

Cleo supports a wide variety of protocols and data formats to ensure your business can connect with as many trading partners as possible. This is because the more trading partners your business can integrate with, the greater number of business opportunities your business will be presented with.

Examples of protocols & data formats Cleo Integration Cloud supports include: EDI, API, AS2, MFT, FTP, SFTP, XML, JSON, Excel, CSV, and more.

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