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File Transfer Protocols


FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is an application protocol that uses the TCP/IP protocols.

FTP is commonly used to transfer webpage files from their creator to a web server.

It’s also used to download programs and other files from other servers; however, FTP does not include any options for encrypting data in transit and is generally considered insecure.


FTPs (FTP over SSL) adds a secure encryption layer (Secure Sockets Layer) around the FTP protocol to secure the commands and data that are being transferred between the client and the server.


Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (Secure FTP) uses SSH to transfer files and requires that the client be authenticated by the server.

Commands and data are encrypted to prevent passwords and other sensitive information from being exposed to the network in plain text.

Unlike FTP, an SSH file transfer protocol protects data while it is being transmitted and does not use separate command and data channels.

Both data and commands are transferred in formatted packets from the SFTP server via a single secure connection.


FTPS adds a secure encryption layer around the FTP protocol. 

SFTP is an entirely different protocol that uses SSH to transfer files.

Unlike both FTP and FTPS, SFTP uses only one connection to encrypt:

  1.  Authentication information 

  2.  Data files being transferred.

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• Encrypted connections: Ensure non-repudiation and data protection for any standard or industry-specific protocol, such as AS2/SFTP/ebMS - tested by the Drummond Group. 

• Compliance made easy: Meet extensive data format standards with sweeping format handling and data translation conforming to international, national, state/provincial, local and industry regulations.

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