Easily connect to trading partners.
Quickly exchange EDI documents.

Data is the fuel. But for it to energize your business, it has to move. Power your most critical business exchanges and securely connect to your customers, suppliers, and partners via industry-leading OFTP/OFTP2 from Cleo.

What is OFTP/OFTP2?

OFTP: The original version of the Odette File Transfer Protocol was defined in 1986, introduced by ODETTE International for EDI data exchange across the auto industry in Europe.

OFTP2: In 2007, the updated version the file transfer protocol was released, offering enhanced security and compression features over its predecessor

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The benefits of OFTP/OFTP2
Enable data security, in transit and at rest


Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Authentication, receipts, and non-repudiation

Digital certificates

File Encryption


File and session level encryption

Signing (EERP/NERP)

File compression

Integration Efficiency


Large File Transfer (Maximum size of 9PB)

Checkpoint restart

Substation mailboxes


Deploying solutions that are Odette-certified for OFTP2 mean your business can safely and reliably interact with other software packages so you can securely exchange your data.

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A brief history of OFTP/OFTP2

  • First introduced by ODETTE International Ltd.
  • Most prolific protocol inside Europe for the exchange of EDI data
  • Initially designed to work over an X.25 network.
  • OFTP2 enhances security via encryption methods and uses digital certificates
  • Mandates issued by Volkswagen and Volvo greatly increase the demand and implementation of OFTP2.
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Compare OFTP2 and AS2

Industry mandates directing the use of one protocol versus another often arise from the history of implementation, industry use, and market penetration. To illustrate, we’ll compare two advanced protocols:

  • Real-time transfer support? Both

  • Small-to-large message size? Both

  • SSLCMS encryption? Both

  • Checkpoint restart? Both

  • Built-in certificate exchange? Both

  • Certification? Drummond for AS2 and Odette for OFTP2

  • Requires an “always on” connection? AS2