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AS4 File Transfer Protocol

Applicability Statement 4 protocols

Applicability Statement 4 was defined in 2013 to be payload agnostic, with specifications based on the functional requirements of AS2. The protocol supports compression, SOAP enveloping, encryption, and security tokens, with non-repudiation features similar to those of AS2.

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AS2 File Transfer Protocol

Applicability Statement 2 protocols

Applicability Statement 2 is a standard used to transfer EDI or other data, such as XML or plain text documents, over the Internet using HTTP and HTTPs. AS2 offers increased verification and security through the use of receipts, digital signatures, and file encryption. Its transactions and acknowledgments occur in real time, increasing the efficiency of document exchanges.

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AS3 File Transfer Protocol

Applicability Statement 3 protocols

Applicability Statement 3 enables software applications to systematically communicate data, including EDI and XML, over the Internet using file transfer protocol (FTP). AS3 is not the next version of AS2; it offers its own unique features and provides security for the transport payload through digital signatures and data encryption. AS3 may be particularly well-suited for FTP-centric businesses that have a significant investment in FTP scripting, applications, or security.

History of AS3