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Automate every EDI & API process, onboard partners faster, and gain complete
B2B transaction visibility using a platform that's built to scale with your business.


With modern EDI capabilities, award-winning customer support, and sensible pricing...leading companies are switching to Cleo

In order to achieve supply chain agility, you need more than the average EDI solution. With Cleo, you get a fully flexible service— from the most innovative solution provider in the industry, recognized and trusted by thousands of enterprises.


“We use Cleo Integration Cloud to manage all of our EDI,
which is the lifeblood of our supply chain operations.”

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Slash EDI Partner Onboarding Time
Connect to your EDI & non-EDI partners in as little as 3-days

Onboarding your essential EDI trading partners along with testing times are significantly reduced with the right EDI workflows.

Faster partner onboarding for EDI and non-EDI workflows is made possible by pre-configured templates and EDI mapping routes. While offering all the connections needed to link any application without any code.

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EDI Software makes EDI Onboarding Easy

Integrate Your Back-Office Systems
Eliminate delays and retyping between back-office systems (cloud or on-prem)

Automatically and easily integrate with back-end office applications to enable end-to-end EDI automation. Using Cleo to automate EDI enables your business to increase efficiency, reduce human errors, improve customer relationships, decrease costs, and scale to meet ever-changing demand levels.

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EDI Back-Office Systems Integration



Error-Proof Your EDI Processes
Resend + reprocess EDI messages instantly

  • Identify and resolve failed transactions with a modern, integrated EDI interface to maintain accurate EDI operations and seamless business continuity.
  • Track and search EDI issues by specific partner or issue ID, and effortlessly address open issues with a single click.
  • Uncover actionable business insights by pinpointing the exact source and timing of EDI issues, enabling you to assess their immediate impact on revenue and inventory.
Error proofed EDI software


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