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Data is the fuel. But for it to energize your business, it has to move. Power your most critical business exchanges and securely connect to your customers, suppliers, and partners via industry-leading AS3 from Cleo.

What is AS3?

AS3, or Applicability Statement 3, is a specification by which applications communicate EDI data, or other information such as XML documents, securely over the Internet using the FTP protocol.

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The benefits of AS3
Enable data security, in transit and at rest


• End-to-end data encryption

• SSL encryption and hashing

File Encryption


• Legally prove transaction details

• Confirmations and MDN

Any standard, any format


• Large file transfer

• Any data type including non-EDI payloads

We applaud Cleo for their continued efforts in maintaining interoperable products for their customers.

Rik Drummond

CEO, Drummond Group

A very brief history of AS3

• AS3 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to address specific FTP connection problems.

• AS3 is not the successor to AS2 as it offers distinct features

History of AS3

Compare AS3 and FTP

Industry mandates directing the use of one protocol or technology versus another often arise from the history of implementation, industry use, and market penetration. To illustrate, we’ll compare two communications protocols:

  • FTP does not provide receipt confirmation, but provides slight advantages in terms of message size and speed

  • AS3 advances over FTP is in non-repudiation with the use of receipts, or Message Disposition Notifications (MDNs) and digital signatures - a way to verify the receipt and identity

Why Choose Cleo as your AS2 service provider?

• Encrypted connections: Ensure non-repudiation and data protection for any standard or industry-specific protocol, such as AS2/SFTP/ebMS - tested by the Drummond Group. 

• Compliance made easy: Meet extensive data format standards with sweeping format handling and data translation conforming to international, national, state/provincial, local and industry regulations.

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