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Amazon Marketplace (AMP) e-commerce platform is the top choice for companies launching digital business channels. Cleo’s Amazon Marketplace connector helps wholesalers, private label manufacturers, and retail arbitrage vendors seamlessly connect and integrate product, pricing, and fulfillment data between Amazon and backend systems. Whether utilizing Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or your logistics partners, e-commerce success is powered by ecosystem interactions integrated across AMP with your business applications and key trading partners.

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Overview of Cleo’s Amazon Marketplace Integration
Frictionless data integration for Amazon Marketplace
  • Eliminate manual integration processes

  • Reduce custom coding and leverage Amazon APIs   

  • Verify and transform your data

  • Connect Amazon dataflows to your ERP, TMS, and CRM

  • Sync e-commerce data across apps and trading partners

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Why choose Cleo for AMP integration?

Keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions

Gain end-to-end process visibility to increase business intelligence and proactively respond to issues
Connect disparate data, applications, systems, and trading partners to enhance critical business processes

To achieve agility and experience maximum value, multiple integration approaches may be necessary, including file-based, application, message-based, service-centric, on-premises, and cloud.

Frank Kenney

Cleo, Market Evangelist and Strategy Director

Benefits of Cleo’s Amazon Marketplace integration

Integrate Amazon Marketplace for digitally fluid end-to-end business processes.

  • Eliminate complexity with API flows for data on transactions, products, competing items, and more
  • Easily add, update, query, and delete information with Amazon Marketplace
  • Integrate to your ERP, CRM, fulfillment systems to align data between front-end and back-end systems
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What you can do with this connector

The Cleo Amazon Marketplace integration connector delivers reliable integration with Amazon S3 and other business-critical systems, providing a complete and unified view into data.

1. Enable hybrid integration processes between cloud applications and on-premise systems

2. Power massively scalable infrastructure to house and manage the data explosion

3. Backup and archive critical data

4. Build highly-elastic and scalable data pipelines for data lake integration

And much more!

Eliminate integration complexity.

Enable business process orchestration and integration between systems, applications, clouds, and partners to power your ecosystem. See Cleo Integration Cloud in action.


Connect & integrate Amazon Marketplace data today

With application integration from the Cleo Integration Cloud, you can easily connect Amazon Marketplace to enable:

    1. Seamless integration of transactional data to your ERP, CRM, and fulfillment systems and partners

    2. Automate and orchestrate business processes to sync product data to Amazon for real-time inventory

    3. Secure data handoff to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis

    4. Drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes with end-to-end visibility

    Cleo Amazon Marketplace Integrations
    Amazon Marketplace
    Microsoft Dynamics
    Microsoft Dynamics 365
    Oracle E-Business Suite
    Oracle Sales Cloud
    SAP SuccessFactors
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