CIC Cockpit

Gain end-to-end visibility across business processes and integrations. CIC Cockpit provides real-time dashboards and actionable insights for any technical or business user to make better decisions and enhance revenue-generating operations. 

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Real-time integration visibility & actionable insights for any user


Eliminate B2B transaction charges from missed or dropped transactions. Gain end-to-end integration & EDI visibility for any transaction between your ecosystem and internal systems. 



Faster decision making without being an integration expert. Surface intuitive, real-time operational insights and trends for technical and business users. 



Improve your customer experience with improved transparency. Identify issues or trends and securely share tickets and scorecards to trusted external connections and internal users. 


What will I get with CIC Cockpit?

  • Leverage end-to-end integration visibility for faster root cause analysis

  • Accelerate issue resolution and reduce risk to your business-level SLAs

  • Real-time visibility to understand the operational health of your business at a glance

  • View and act on leading indicators enriched by intuitive filtering of aggregate data  

  • Rapidly identify trends, monitor mission-critical KPIs, and provide insight back to your ecosystem of trading partners and customers

  • Expand collaboration by extending secure network scorecard visibility to trusted connections and internal users

  • Centralize the full issue life cycle with collaborative and transparent customer support

  • Escalate as needed, follow issues, subscribe to status change notifications, and securely share tickets to keep key stakeholders plugged in

  • Quickly add or remove dashboard views to zero in on the most meaningful data and insights

  • Increase relevance, engagement, and efficiency of users across your organization

 "Real time insights have enabled us to make great decisions."

Abdul H
Customer Service Specialist

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