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Logistics customer stories

Jack Cooper

Learn how Jack Cooper uses Cleo as the "one-stop shop" for its data movement and EDI integration needs. With Cleo, Jack Cooper consolidated their EDI solutions from four parts down to one single platform. 

Allen Lund

Discover how the Allen Lund Company leverages Cleo solutions to connect to over 400 trading partners enabling continued growth in its transportation, logistics brokerage, and software business arms.

Savage Services

Learn how Savage Services is able to integrate any file format using Cleo's ecosystem integration platform. With Cleo, Savage can connect to all 300 of its business locations effortlessly. 

USA Truck

USA Truck converted over 300 EDI trading partners to the Cleo platform in a matter of months. With Cleo Integration Cloud, USA Truck can accept or reject load tenders within seconds.


Mohawk accelerated times for response and resolution by 60% improving customer experience and driving ROI. With Cleo, EDI costs decreased by $5,000 a month. 

Manufacturing Customer Stories


Premier golf brand TaylorMade uses Cleo Integration Cloud to manage all of their EDI, enabling the company to move B2B data transformation 100% into the cloud.

Kimball Electronics

With Cleo, Kimball Electronics business partner and user support calls have been reduced over 75% due to the ease of use of the tool and built-in user self-help capability.


Steel Technologies strengthened their global brand with Cleo's EDI solution. Now, Steel Technologies uses Cleo Integration Cloud to manufacture 3.1 million tons of steel for more than 1,000 customers.

New Balance

Using Cleo Integration Cloud, New Balance was able to discover and fix partner errors at 40% faster rate than with their previous integration solution. 

Precoat Metals

With Cleo Integration Cloud, support tickets that took days or weeks to resolve with Precoat Metals' previous integration solution, are now addressed in an hour or less.

Wholesale Customer Stories


Food Distributor Lipari Foods uses Cleo Integration Cloud to manage all of their EDI, enabling the company to drastically reduce new trading partner onboarding from weeks to days. Lipari Foods has moved over 1,000 trading partners to the cloud.


Using the Cleo Integration Cloud, Barilla moved 98% of business transactions on to a single EDI platform. With transactions coming in and out 24/7, Barilla has eliminated downtime, helping keep business flowing. 


With Cleo, Mondetta received the EDI, flat file, protocol, and information integration support it craved and the apparel manufacturer was able to reduce the time it takes to connect to customers by 50%.

Rana Foods

Europe's leading pasta maker uses Cleo to integrate EDI transactions in the United States, reducing time spent on building custom maps by over 70%.


U.S. import distributor realizes massive efficiency gains when pricing updates are 90% faster

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