Episode 10

Verst Logistics Fireside Chat

Guest: Macy Bergoon/Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Verst Logistics

Following the Annual Cleo Connect 2022 Conference, Tushar Patel shares a critical insights from Senior Vice President of IT at Verst Logistics- Macy Bergoon discussing key business-evolving improvements, legacy system challenges and advantages of fully connected EDI/API-capable integration solutions and support that feed logistics and supply chain efficiency and continuity.
Episode 10: Verst Logistics Fireside Chat
Integration Chronicles


Introducing Macy Bergoon/Senior Vice President of IT at Verst Logistics.
Macy goes into the size and scale of Verst Logistics Est. 1966, 3PL with 26 locations focused in the midwest, in warehousing, transportation & packaging.
Macy explains market trends for high demanding order performance proceeding supply chain disruptions.
Business continuity is making its mark as a crucial factor to drive revenue growth and expansion.
How are you utilizing Cleo Integration Cloud from an integration & business continuity perspective?
Can you describe your previous integration solution and what’s different today? Describe your old way versus the new way?
What were your most notable challenges in your previous integration strategy?
Macy states the greatest business benefits of transitioning from legacy EDI systems to a modernized solution
Macy explains the importance of proving to partners you have the solutions in place to support higher volumes
What are your next steps for growth now that you have a modernized platform solution?


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