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The Integration Chronicles Podcast

Cleo’s Tushar Patel and Frank Kenney bring you The Integration Chronicles: the only podcast focused on ecosystem integration. Ecosystem integration is the modern, innovative way to extend and augment B2B integration. Each episode will feature industry leaders and integration experts who discuss relevant integration topics, with a specific focus on the supply chain. You'll learn how to grow your business faster, pick up best practices for scaling your organization, and discover new ways to drive operational efficiencies.

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Episode 10

Verst Logistics Fireside Chat

October 03, 2022
Guest: Macy Bergoon/Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Verst Logistics

Following the Annual Cleo Connect 2022 Conference, Tushar Patel shares a critical insights from Senior Vice President of IT at Verst Logistics- Macy Bergoon discussing key business-evolving improvements, legacy system challenges and advantages of fully connected EDI/API-capable integration solutions and support that feed logistics and supply chain efficiency and continuity.
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Episode 9

Digital Process Automation & Keeping Compliant at the FreightWaves Conference

June 07, 2022
Guest: Frank Kenney, Director of Industry Solutions

Frank Kenney, Director of Industry Solutions at Cleo discusses his experience at the Future of Supply Chain conference by Freightwaves. Frank brings decades of industry experience to the table, but even he was surprised and delighted by the technological innovation currently being seen in the logistics space. In this episode, you'll hear about two of the more important aspects of success in the logistics industry: digital automation & compliance.
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Episode 8

First, a Leader. Second, a Business Person. Third, a Technologist.

March 08, 2022
Guest: Jeff Dinard/CIO of Vari

Jeff Dinard, CIO of Vari talks about the importance of being a leader first. He covers the rise of Vari and how his role has changed as the company shifted from a purely B2C focus to adopting a B2B strategy. In this podcast, you will learn about Jeff's personal brand of leadership: the books that helped him become a CIO, the Roman philosopher that influences his mornings, and finally, the children's book that helped him rediscover the value of magic in the C-suite.
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Episode 7

A CIO’s Perspective on Scaling the Business

February 03, 2022
Guest: Jim McCullen/CIO of Century

Jim McCullen, CIO of Century discusses the steps he has taken to scale their global logistics and supply chain services business. He covers the role automation, security, and integration have played in his strategy, and even shares his security framework for fellow listeners.
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Episode 6

Why automate the food and beverage supply chain?

January 27, 2022
Guest: Michael Hegarty/Vice President, ERP, SRM & CRM at Lipari Foods

Michael Hegarty, VP of Technology from Lipari Foods talks about automating and orchestrating the food and beverage supply chain in the wake of empty shelves. He describes some of the digital transformations their organization embarked on at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help drive efficient operations for their organization and their customers.
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Episode 5

Why is EDI important in eCommerce?

November 11, 2021
Guest: Rich Baker/Director of IT at Minnetonka Moccasin Company.

Rich Baker, Director of IT at Minnetonka Moccasin Company walks us through how Minnetonka is evolving within the changing retail landscape, its relationships with big-box retailers, and how eCommerce has been an incredible driver of growth. Rich explains how upgrading their EDI enabled Minnetonka to grow their business and why they chose to modernize EDI prior to an ERP migration.
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Episode 4

Why is cloud integration important for manufacturers?

October 07, 2021
Guest: Jan Irvay/VP at Sauder Woodworking

Jan Irvay, VP of IT at Sauder Woodworking participates in a fireside chat at our recent Cleo Connect event. Jan shares her thoughts on customer expectations and what goes into cloud technology investment decision-making. Specifically, she covers why a cloud-based solution for EDI & non-EDI transactions is critical in today’s world.
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Episode 3

How do you maximize your EDI investment?

September 30, 2021
Guest: Jeff Copper/EVP and Practice Leader at CAT (C&A Technology)

Jeff Copper, EVP and Practice Leader at CAT (C&A Technology) discusses maximizing your EDI investment. He explains how EDI can add monumental value to your business and offers tips on how to realize that value. One such area is eliminating manual EDI processes and key-person dependencies.
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Episode 2

Should you choose a self-service or black box solution?

September 23, 2021
Guest: Marin Morita/Professional Services Director at Data Communication Solutions Inc.

Marin Morita, Professional Services Director at Data Communication Solutions Inc. addresses self-service integration versus black-box integration. Marin walks through what black box integration really means and shares her thoughts on some of the pros and cons of self-service, black box and blended approaches to integration.
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Episode 1

How does a company change its culture?

September 16, 2021
Guest: Trey Willis/CTO at CTSI-Global

Trey Willis, CTO at CTSI gives his perspective on how important the culture of IT is in affecting change in an organization. His experience & advice can guide you in shifting your strategy to align with the market, all the while motivating your technology & IT teams to influence the rest of your team members.
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