Episode 1

How does a company change its culture?

Guest: Trey Willis/CTO at CTSI-Global

Trey Willis gives his perspective on how important the culture of IT is in affecting change in an organization. His experience & advice can guide you in shifting your strategy to align with what’s happening in the market, all the while motivating your technology & IT teams in helping to change the culture of your organization.
Episode 1: How does a company change its culture?
Integration Chronicles
Introducing Trey Willis - CTO at CTSI-Global. Today's topic: the changing culture of IT. What it’s like being CTO at a time when IT folks are becoming business leaders vs. just technology leaders.
How managing different technologies & services (freight payment, TMS, logistics management, etc.) can affect how you run your overall strategy.
How does the culture of IT in your organization play a part in making an impact on the industry? Article referenced
How can beginning with the end in mind (thinking about the end consumer) bring value to your organization?
COVID has forced leaders to change their approach in working with their teams - how has this impacted the strategy and vision for changing the culture of IT?
Advice for those looking to change the culture of IT.


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