Episode 2

Should you choose a self-service or black box solution?

Guest: Marin Morita/Professional Services Director at Data Communication Solutions Inc.

Today’s episode addresses the concept of self-service integration versus black box solutions when it comes to integration. Our guest Marin Morita walks us through what black box integration really means and shares her thoughts on some of the pros and cons of self-service, black box and blended approaches to integration.
Episode 2: Should you choose a self-service or black box solution?
Integration Chronicles
Introducing integration expert Marin Morita from DCS (Data Communication Solutions).
Marin talks through the definition of a black box integration solution.
What are some of the biggest pitfalls in black box integration?
How self-service versus black box is similar to owning versus renting.
When does self-service make sense?
What is a typical pricing model for black box?
What comes first - the ERP or the integration platform?
Marin shares a recent experience with an organization that moved from a black box to self-service solution.
Why organizations should be looking at a blended approach to integration.


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