Episode 5

Why is EDI important in eCommerce?

Guest: Rich Baker/Director of IT at Minnetonka Moccasin Company.

Today’s episode uncovers how upgrading their EDI solution and drop shipping capabilities enabled Minnetonka to grow their business via marketplace channels. Our guest, Rich Baker, walks us through how Minnetonka is evolving within the changing retail landscape, their relationships with big-box retailers, and how eCommerce has been an incredible driver of growth. Rich will also explain why Minnetonka chose to modernize their EDI solution prior to an ERP migration.
Episode 5: Why is EDI important in eCommerce?
Integration Chronicles


Introducing Rich Baker – Director of IT at Minnetonka Moccasin Company. Today’s topic: How a retail can use integration to embrace the growth of eCommerce.
eCommerce growth: Rich details Minnetonka’s transition from using a warehouse primarily used for bulk shipments, to a more drop shipment centric approach. How did having a robust EDI infrastructure granted Minnetonka more control over those new communications.
So your business model has gone from small mom and pop, to supporting retailers, now eCommerce, and now even marketplaces? Rich speaks about Minnetonka’s very first Target marketplace integration.
What is your process like for an ERP modernization? Why did you choose to invest in integration technology prior to that ERP migration?
How has EDI trading partner onboarding changed with Cleo?
Can you describe your previous integration solution and what’s different today? Describe your old way versus the new way?
What are some of the areas where you have seen an increase in agility for your EDI team?


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