Learn about Common EDI Transactions

EDI transactions are used by business trading partners to exchange documents in a standardized format, allowing for automation and streamlining of purchase orders, invoices, acknowledgments, payments, and more. 

EDI 816 - Organizational Relationship

What is an EDI 816 Organizational Relationship?

The EDI 816 Organizational Relationship transmits location information in two formats. One format of the 816 is for providing location addresses. The second format is to communicate information about the organizational relationships between locations, such as stores services by specific Distribution Centers, warehouses, etc. 

How is an EDI 816 Organizational Relationship used?

An EDI 816 Organizational Relationship is transmitted by the trading partner to the supplier to eliminate the need to send separate address information for purchase orders or other documents. After the 816 Organizational Relationships is received, a 997 Functional Acknowledgment is sent back from the transportation provider indicating that the Organizational Relationships was successfully received.

 Many of the most commonly used EDI transactions, such as EDI 850 Purchase Orders and EDI 810 Invoices, typically do not include detailed location information.The EDI 816 transaction provides trading partners with the sender’s location addresses and their corresponding codes. 

A parent organization with various locations may include any of the following within the EDI 816:

  • Manufacturers with multiple locations for production, assembly, distribution, etc.

  • Multi-hospital and medical facility healthcare systems

  • A chain of retail stores and regional distribution centers

  • Associations with regional membership locations

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