EDI 862: Shipping Schedule

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What is an EDI 862?

The EDI 862 Shipping Schedule details actual shipping requirements to a supplier and supplements the EDI 830 Planning Schedule transaction.


These EDI 862 documents adhere to the x12 format specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a non-profit organization regulating EDI formats in the U.S.


How to use an EDI 862?

An EDI 862 Shipping Schedule is used to transmit detailed shipping schedule requirements to a supplier and is meant to supplement the 830 Planning Schedule document.


The EDI 862 Shipping Schedule sends shipping instructions that would replace those forecasted in a previous EDI 830 Planning Schedule, transactions though the 862 does not actually replace the 830. EDI 862 transactions are important for supporting Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing because they provide detailed shipping requirements on a more frequent basis than Planning Schedule. In a Just-in-Time environment, an 862 can be triggered by product usage.


The forecast data provided in an EDI 830 helps the supplier manage materials and other resources. This ensures the appropriate on-hand inventory of an item is available when the supplier receives an EDI 862 from its customer with instructions to ship that item. The instruction to ship an item can change, particularly in a real-time manufacturing environment. The EDI 862 transaction accommodates this, as it can be used to provide changes to previous EDI 862 instructions.


Such changes may include:

  • Decrease in an order quantity
  • Increase in an order quantity
  • Change in the ship date


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EDI 863 Essential Components

Common information in the EDI 862 transaction includes:

- Instructions to ship an item for a Just-in-Time manufacturing environment
- Decrease in an order quantity
- Increase in an order quantity
- Change in shipping date

EDI 862 Transaction document example
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