EDI 847 Material Claim Transactions

EDI transactions are used by business trading partners to exchange documents in a standardized format, allowing for automation and streamlining of purchase orders, invoices, acknowledgments, payments, and more. 

EDI Transaction

EDI 300 - Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean)

What is an EDI 300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean)?

The EDI 300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean) contains information that is needed to file a booking request for an ocean vessel.

How is an EDI 300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean) used?

An  EDI 300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean) is used by a shipper or a forwarder to reserve space, containers and equipment for transport by ocean vessel.

Here are three examples of how an EDI 300 can be used: 

  • Space in an ocean vessel 

  • Containers  

  • Equipment to be transported through an ocean vessel 

Automate EDI / API Transactions

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EDI Transaction Automation