Learn about Common EDI Transactions

EDI transactions are used by business trading partners to exchange documents in a standardized format, allowing for automation and streamlining of purchase orders, invoices, acknowledgements, payments and more. 

Learn about Common EDI Transactions

EDI 990: Delivery Information Message 

What is an EDI 990: Delivery Information Message ?

An EDI 990 - Delivery Information Message generated in response to EDI - 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender Transaction Set. The EDI 990 is utilized by manufacturers, distributions centers, wholesalers, within the shipping and transportation industry to communicate whether or not a specific shipment will be picked up by the shipper. One of five responses may be communicated using an EDI 990:

  • Tender accepted 

  • Tender declined

  • Tender accepted with conditions

  • Spot bid request accepted 

  • Spot bid request declined

How is an EDI 990: Delivery Information Message used?

An EDI 990 - Delivery Information Message is used by carriers to communicate a response to an EDI -204 Motor Carrier Load Tender Transaction Set. The carrier response will tell the shipper whether or not it will pick up an offered shipment. The EDI 990 is used exclusively for full truckload shipments. After an EDI 990 is received by the shipper, the shipper will respond with an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement, thereby confirming receipt of the EDI 990. 

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