EDI 832: Price/Sales Catalog

The EDI 832 is used by companies to update their product catalogs and pricing information with their trading partners.

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EDI 832 Price Sales Catalog

What is an EDI 832?

EDI 832 Prices/Sales Catalog File Format electronically requests or provides the prices of goods or services in the form of a catalog. EDI 832 replaces the paper catalog, allowing the catalog to be updated in real time for accurate product information, and manufactures use it to provide detailed product information to their trading partners. 

How is an EDI 832 used?

The EDI 832 is commonly used in the retail and manufacturing industries and is periodically sent to update product prices and information. Retailers may use this to stay current on product prices, reducing the surprise and frustration brought on by price fluctuations.

Common businesses that use the EDI 832 include:

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Service providers

The EDI 832 Prices/Sales Catalog transaction set has four primary uses: 

  • UPC catalog operation
  • Traditional vendor catalog
  • Item setup and maintenance
  • Sales price communication 

After receiving an 832, a 997 Functional Acknowledgment is sent back to the transportation provider indicating that the 832 was received.

What are EDI 832's Core Components?

Similar to a paper catalog, the EDI 832 must contain precise information on each product made available to trading partners, including:

  • The date of transmission and the catalog number
  • Contact details and supplier identification
  • Identifiers for products, like SKUs or UPCs
  • Description of items, including dimensions, packaging, etc.
  • Details on pricing per unit
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Applicable discounts

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