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Do business in every direction by consolidating all EDI software and non-EDI integrations onto a single EDI solution. Quickly implement business flows between your partners and business applications — on-premise or in the cloud. Leverage modern EDI solutions from a trusted EDI company.

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Onboard EDI Partners Faster


Cleo Integration Cloud leverages proven pre-configured EDI templates, allowing you to spin up connections that work with your partner’s EDI systems in days, rather than months.

Our core EDI technology engine has been developed and refined over many years of real-life implementations, meaning our EDI solutions have been market-tested on the biggest deployments for more than a decade.

Enhance EDI Visibility


Cleo Integration Cloud gives you visibility into underlying business processes. You get actionable insights into the business value that each EDI document represents presented in the context of its impact on the broader business. See your entire supply chain in real-time.

Because of our flexible EDI development approach, the Cleo Integration Cloud platform offers complete integration within a true any-to-any transformation engine. You can do EDI to Flat File and Database, but you can also do:

• EDI to JSON• EDI to Web Services
• EDI to CSV • EDI to APIs

All while leveraging the same tooling your EDI analysts are already familiar with.

EDI Designed to Scale


Cleo Integration Cloud is a single, flexible, easy-to-use integration platform that provides you with the support you need to grow on your own terms and timeframe.

You can maximize your existing EDI software investment while creating a path to the future of application integration, API connectivity, and beyond.

By giving you the ability to consolidate multiple business processes and functions under a single platform, Cleo Integration Cloud's EDI capability also gives your business a clear path to continuous value.

EDI Services


As a truly SaaS platform Cleo Integration Cloud offers far more choice in how best to tailor your EDI solution to meet your company’s unique requirements. No matter what business strategies your integration solution needs to support, Cleo’s platform can handle it with flexibility, speed, and simplicity. 

By offering a variety of deployment options – self-service, managed service, or a blend of both –Cleo empowers companies to manage their integration challenges head on, directly or with our support. 

By partnering with Cleo to design, build, operate and/or optimize your EDI solution, you’ll always remain in the driver’s seat.

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G2, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as a Leader on the G2 Crowd Grid® across multiple categories, including Best EDI Platforms for Suppliers.

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See all of your EDI, file, and API-based integrations in real-time

The Cleo Integration Cloud EDI dashboard puts every EDI transaction and all of your EDI integration at your fingertips. 


Onboard EDI trading partners & connect EDI to applications faster

Combine templates, connectors, and pre-defined EDI partner profiles with our managed services to capture revenue faster.


Effortlessly create new communication protocol endpoints via AS2, SFTP, and more

Quickly configuring dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure.


Stay EDI compliant by rapidly assessing the health of your EDI integrations

First-rate EDI exception management to quickly identify issues. Utilize top-down views to pinpoint risks and immediately take action to resolve errors.


See Every EDI Transaction in Real-Time

Track every order, shipment notice, invoice, or any other EDI document, from start to finish. Watch every step of your EDI business processes as your ERP automatically sends & receives data to & from your EDI trading partners.


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74% of supply chain companies lost revenue due to poor EDI integration in 2020. Time to level up your EDI.


Chosen By Your Peers as the Leader in EDI & API Software

G2, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform that rates EDI service providers, has recognized Cleo Integration Cloud as a Leader on the G2 Grid® across multiple categories, including best integration platform and top EDI supplier.

Cleo Integration Cloud EDI has earned the highest satisfaction rating in the industry and an overall 4.4 rating on a 5.0 scale - making Cleo one of the industry's highest-rated integration platforms on G2.


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