Improving Partner Onboarding Has Never Been More Critical

Adam Hughes
Improve your Partner Onboarding

As your ecosystem grows and you must onboard new trading partners, customers, and cloud services and applications, it’s imperative to have a flexible solution which enables you to quickly connect.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of IT decision-makers say that new-business onboarding takes too long because of all of the different customized partner requirements. It has never been more important to support all manner of protocols, formats, and APIs to onboard new trading partners and applications. Up to 47% of IT managers say that difficulty integrating new applications and slow partner onboarding are currently keeping their businesses from capturing new revenue opportunities.

Don’t let that happen to your enterprise just because you haven’t upgraded your legacy environment yet.

The last thing an enterprise can afford to do is to say ‘No’ to a customer or trading partner. That’s where the proper, centralized technology comes into place, because it makes it easy for a company to say ‘Yes.’ Trading partners are bound to have unique needs and being able to accommodate those requirements is going to be fundamental for success.

You Have to Improve Partner Onboarding

Just how easy is it to bring on new business or deploy a new SaaS application? The answer fully depends on what type of technology your environment is relying on. If your company remains dependent on legacy software and outdated solutions, odds are it will not be easy at all to bring on new business.

When an organization is able to easily add, remove, or alter a piece of data that relates to a customer or partner configuration, that company is enhancing its ability as well as its responsiveness. Effectively optimizing operational efficiency isn’t simply a bonus any longer. It’s necessary to recognizing the true value that resides within your digital ecosystem.

Once the proper technology is in place, companies can consolidate legacy and disparate systems and automate the onboarding processes and ecosystems that provides the fuel your ecosystem needs. A centralized integration platform provides faster partner onboarding for both EDI and non-EDI workflows, not to mention all of the connectors that integrate any application without the need for additional coding.

Finding the Right Centralized Solution

Once you’ve found the right solution for your enterprise, trading partners can be set up for data movement within minutes, and EDI and XML data transformation actually only takes a few hours or less. Initial mapping doesn’t take long, either. A centralized solution allows enterprises to automate onboarding tools and data transformation because it comes pre-loaded with B2B connectors that provide a repository of hundreds of pre-configured, ready-to-deploy communication templates in order to connect faster.

Cleo Integration Cloud includes versatile APIs and application connectors so organizations can accelerate the delivery of integration with your most critical business, and end-to-end visibility ensures companies remain complaint with customers’ SLAs. First impressions go a long way towards customer satisfaction and quality of service, and being able to streamline the onboarding process is a critical start.

Because ecosystem integration puts business relationships at the forefront of what’s really important by prioritizing customers and trading partners, it shows how valuable they are. Time to revenue is also much quicker and Cleo Integration Cloud provides rapid onboarding technology that is available for EDI and non-EDI data routing without the need for additional coding.

Don’t waste employee resources on manual tasks, spend it on the types of tasks that are going to provide real value to your enterprise. Drive more revenue than ever before and see concrete business results that makes yourself easier to do business with than all of your competitors.

Modernize Your EDI



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