Medical Manufacturing Integration Platform

Cleo integration solutions for the medical supply chain allow your business to tackle modern medical EDI & application integration challenges, laying the foundation to bring products to market faster.

Single Platform for EDI and API Integration

Cleo Integration Cloud is the only platform designed for medical supply chain management to not only design and build, but also analyze and optimize end-to-end B2B processes. Speed up revenue-generating business processes like order-to-cash.

Reduce Integration Visibility Gaps to Achieve Agility

Utilize real-time insights to take immediate action and regain full control of the medical device supply chain.

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A better way
of integrating medical and
pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Real-time operational visibility for every persona

Cleo Integration Cloud's industrial manufacturing integration technology allows you to easily surface the most impactful business insights for immediately actionable intelligence. 


Seamless medical manufacturing process visibility. Take action for hands-on troubleshooting

Tie together transactions that compose revenue-driving business operations for complete context across industrial and manufacturing processes like order-to-cash.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Powerful persona-driven visibility anywhere and at any time you need  

Cleo Integration Cloud is an integration platform designed to deliver a blend of self-service and managed services for industrial manufacturers to deliver actionable insight and real time data intelligence to every user.


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Cleo Integration Cloud can modernize your industrial manufacturing integration.

Learn why Octapharma chose Cleo for medical supply chain software

Octapharma found in Cleo a partner that delivered a reliable, cost-effective, and comprehensive EDI pharmaceutical solution that would help the company continue to operate efficiently and within FDA compliance. That meant Octapharma could better help people all over the world receive the treatments they need to live better lives.

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"Cleo’s managed services team has responded quickly to configuring our new partners and has alerted us to any file transmission issues that have occurred. This has allowed on-site Prairie Farms staff to commit resources to other projects."

Scott Heffren
EDI Analyst
Prarie Farms

EDI, API and File Integration

Unlock New Revenue Streams

  • Drive new opportunity through EDI and application integration on a unified platform
  • Increase business agility and minimize complexity without losing control, with industry-leading services and support
  • Expand market research by enabling eCommerce and digital marketplace channels
EDI, API and File Integration

Partners & Application Onboarding

Rethink Operating Models

  • Accelerate time-to-value with predefined business process templates including load order-to-cash
  • Extend the value of existing systems with a wide array of connectors
  • Meet evolving business needs with multiple deployment options (cloud, private cloud, hybrid)
Partners & Application Onboarding

Business Insights & Actions

Optimize Customer Experience

  • Start trading sooner through faster onboarding of customers, trading partners, and applications. 
  • Reduce operating costs and eliminate missed orders through automation and visibility across end-to-end business processes
  • Empower business and technical stakeholders with role-based, real-time operational insights and actions
Business Insights & Actions

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2500+ industry-leading manufacturing providers choose Cleo Integration Cloud for data contextualization in manufacturing to streamline and automate revenue-driving supply chain integration processes.

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