High Speed File Transfer
Do more than keep pace.
Gain momentum.
The size of business files and data sets are increasing, but too many companies struggle to execute even the most basic file exchanges, let alone make quick and reliable transfers among systems, applications, data lakes, partners, and customers. Accelerate your data movement with Cleo and easily move 3TB/hour.
Any size, format
Accelerate data, of any size or format, faster than any other alternative on the market to ensure timely, reliable delivery
Improved security
Enable data security, in transit and at rest, throughout all data exchanges between systems, applications and storage
Guaranteed delivery
Ensure delivery of transferred packets by eliminating network-imposed speed limitations, even as bandwidths increase
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High-speed file transfer with Cleo

What if you found a solution that could accelerate how you move large files while guaranteeing integrity and delivery regardless of network conditions, distance, or file size?

The Cleo Integration Cloud, along with the team, was instrumental in making the AT&T project work for the federal mandate. Without Cleo, AT&T would have had firewall issues, vendor protocol and encryption incompatibilities, and design process difficulties. The Cleo solution is extremely robust and positions us well for future growth.

Robert Breivogel

AT&T, IT project manager

Move 3TB/hour
  • Transfer data 345% faster than competing solutions to guarantee
  • Replicate assets, backup databases, build data lakes, and even extend acceleration to protocols like SFTP and AS2

Learn How to Move Data Faster

Reduce bottlenecks
  • Easily handle expanding data volumes and increasing file sizes
  • Transfer large datasets over long distances to comply with mandates and ensure SLAs
Improve business outcomes
  • Faster exchange of information leads to more timely decision making​
  • Optimize operational and business efficiencies tied to successful data delivery

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High-speed file transfer with Cleo Integration Cloud


Connect multiple internal and external data sources with a firewall-friendly protocol


Transfer any size or volume of data up to 3.5x faster than competing solutions

Guaranteed delivery

Eliminate network-imposed speed limitations, and always deliver data on time through automatic retry capabilities


Ensure safer transfers with mutually authenticated connections

Operational efficiency

Greatly reduce transfer time for high-volume assets and reduce bottlenecks from failed transfers


Ensure you are compliant with customer, partner, and industry mandates