Data Pipelines
Move big data
and gain big value.

Reaping any big data analytics rewards depends on how well your business can efficiently process that data. Data pipelines aggregate and move big data, enable data lake and data warehouse ingestion, and feed the business analytics initiatives that drive customer engagement, and deliver increased value.

Data governance and control
Connect, manage, and instantly track all B2B, application, and cloud data flows moving in and throughout your business ecosystem.
Data lake ingestion
Create highly secure and reliable connections to Hadoop and other data lake repositories to enable business intelligence.
Pipeline acceleration
Guarantee delivery of data, in any format and size, by securely moving files up to 345% faster than traditional methods.

The Cleo solutions delivered the security and reliability necessary to successfully support a global supply chain management operation. Cleo’s single-platform technology enables JDA and its dynamic customer base to manage their supply chain services now and into the future.

John Frazier

JDA Software, VP of Cloud Services

Why data pipelines?

To extract the value of best-of-breed applications, data pipelines are required to break down the data silos caused by poorly integrated processes, optimize information flows, and drive business insight.

Learn How to Break Down Silos

Enable business intelligence

- Quickly set up secure connections to data lake repositories

- Accelerate data movement to enable faster business analytics

Centralize control

- Easily connect, transform, and integrate data through a single platform

- Govern and control data through a secure web-based portal

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Building big data pipelines with Cleo Integration Cloud

Large file transfer

Ability to transfer any size or volume of data up to 3.5x faster than competing solutions


Scalability to handle the secure transfer of large volumes of data


Complete end-to-end management of all data


Ability to stop, start, and restart failed processes and transactions


High data encryption with persona-based administration and permissions


Comprehensive audit logs and reporting with deep-dive tracking and transfer metrics