MFT is more than simple MFT

Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions enable enterprises to manage, control, and govern the data flows that power their business. A centralized, reliable, scalable, and secure file transfer solution can improve your business performance, reduce IT complexity and inefficiencies, support corporate growth and big data initiatives, and reduce risk associated with data breaches and non-compliance.

The data landscape has changed so much in recent years that not just any old piece of MFT software will cut it. Organizations now must account for system-centric data flows as well as people-centric exchanges. Give your organization a way to tap advanced managed file transfer capabilities as well as facilitate things like the “human protocol,” all from a single point of view.

Faster and more accurate


MFT users experienced 26% fewer errors, exceptions, and problems as a percentage of their total annual volume of transfers.

Source: Aberdeen

Quick recovery from rare errors


MFT users were 4.8x faster to get going again when an error, exception, or problem with file transfers did occur.

Source: Aberdeen

Cleo Integration Suite

Combine, adapt, and enhance your MFT solution

The Cleo Integration Suite delivers these advanced MFT solutions to combine the file transfer security you need with an enterprise software product that is scalable and adaptable to changes in your business. On a single platform, Cleo’s enterprise-grade MFT software supports a wide variety of application integration and B2B integration requirements by delivering:

Whether you have just a few connections or thousands of trading partners, Cleo has the right solution to meet your secure managed file transfer needs and grow your business faster than ever.

Is Your MFT software keeping up with your growth?

Why choose Cleo secure managed file transfer?

Easy operation

Cleo MFT software is easy to install, easy to implement, and easy to use.

Blazing-fast setup

With more than 900 preconfigured connections and the widest array of secure protocols in the industry, you’ll be connecting and transferring files in hours instead of days or weeks.


Cleo solutions are highly available and reliable, and are proven and tested in more than 100,000 installations around the world.

Multi-protocol support

Seamlessly support all secure protocols required to handle data exchanges, including critical customer exchanges that must be secure and reliable to keep your business running.

Drummond certification

Our products are Drummond-certified, so you’ll enjoy the added confidence of industry-wide interoperability.


Provide the visibility, control, and governance to ensure that you can meet all compliance mandates, and better control and monitor the data powering your business.

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