Data is your most important asset. Integrate it flawlessly.

Cleo Integration Cloud's data integration software optimizes your ability to accelerate and automate frictionless enterprise data integration processes across your ecosystem of partners, applications, and internal systems.

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Enterprise Data integration solutions with the flexibility to take on more
Rapidly onboard new partners

Ecosystem collaboration

Speed the creation of dynamic integration flows that power stronger business processes and streamline interactions at the heart of multi-enterprise collaboration


Drive new opportunities and business growth

Drive business growth

Integrate data whatever the connection requirement or integration method to quickly onboard new applications, on-premise systems, marketplaces, partners, and customers

Improve integration operations and increase ROI

Enhance value

Increase data quality and extend enterprise data integration capabilities over EDI and APIs, and out to partners to strengthen business relationships

Data integration to power your ecosystem

Comprehensive data integration enables you to create powerful ecosystem interactions. Cleo enterprise data integration software facilitates your ability to offer compelling integration experiences by automating and orchestrating seamless business processes through end-to-end integration of applications, business partners, and data via a single cloud integration service.

Cleo data integration software facilitates your ability to offer compelling integration experiences

Data integration patterns

Cleo’s enterprise data integration solutions simplify integration across multiple patterns central to modern supply chains and are critical to designing and automating elegant end-to-end business processes, including order to cash, procure to pay, and load tender to invoice. 

Cleo Integration Cloud screenshot: accelerate partner and application onboarding.

The ability to provide accurate data and process automation has led to increased efficiency and improved service levels while keeping our resource costs down. We can implement simply and quickly to meet customers’ and operational needs, and it’s easy to see that our integration capabilities have become a differentiator for Saddle Creek.

Tom Loftus

Director of Data Integration Systems, Saddle Creek Logistics

  • Any to any data transformation and enterprise data integration support for EDI, XML and all data formats
  • Relational database integration to enable seamless integration with DB2, MySQL, POSTgreSQL
  • Smart integration flows for faster onboarding of EDI to ERP integration for SAP, Oracle, Acumatica, and tons more

The flexibility and speed to market is quite impressive. We are able to keep our EDI staff small and invest in them and Cleo products to meet all of our customer and vendor needs. It also fits in seamlessly with our internal systems.

Ben Sanders

VP of Technology, O’Rourke Sales Company

Ecosystem Integration Combines Integration Technology with Persona-based Insights
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Data Integration Across Your Entire Ecosystem

Ecosystem integration solutions combine B2B / EDI, application and data integration, and secure file transfer technologies into a single software platform, enabling frictionless batch and real-time dataflows. This radically increases the speed of end-to-end processes like order to cash, procure to pay, and load tender to invoice to drive business value.


User Review: Mondetta Canada

"We were reliant on our ERP vendor to provide what we needed and were at their mercy for timelines and for cost. Now we are self sufficient and can also integrate with various systems"

Mauro Biefeni, IT Director   |   Mondetta Canada

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Application data integration

  • Sync data across applications to operationalize new business models
  • Access prebuilt application connectors and API-based integration for ERP, CRM, finance, ecommerce, HCM, and more
  • Bridge the gap between business partners and core business systems for fluid integration processes
Quickly integrate new applications

Application, SaaS, and B2B/EDI integration connectors


Accurate and reliable dataflows start at the integration layer. Optimize product, inventory, purchase order, and logistics outcomes through versatile connectivity across cloud and on-premise applications, data, infrastructure, and storage.

  • Secure data integration for all business and application file flows
  • Build data pipelines that enable redundancy, backup, and DR, and data replication
  • Modernize file transfer with connectors for HDFS, Google Cloud, Azure, and more

We should recognize “Managed File Transfer” in a name and as a technology that remains essential to enabling file-based integration processes between applications and in multi-enterprise B2B patterns as part of a larger hybrid integration platform strategy.

Frank Kenney

Former Gartner Analyst and Strategy Director, Cleo

Design and build

  • Accelerate the creation of dynamic end-to-end business workflows
  • Streamline data transformation, orchestration, and movement processes
  • Low code to build enterprise data integration processes
Design and build data integration platform

Operate and optimize

  • Orchestrate and automate dynamic multi-enterprise data integration workflows
  • Quickly connect and integrate data across new applications and partners
  • Elastically scale data integration flow capacity to meet peak performance demands
Unify integration

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Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming onboarding processes. Rapidly provision new trading partner connections and facilitate frictionless end-to-end integration flows vital to growing revenue. 

Optimize operations

  • Take a no code approach to dynamically managing your business’ runtime data integration environment
  • Get hands on with trouble shooting to reduce data integration errors and speed resolution
  • Provide real-time alerts and securely share visibility into all data integration processes
Take a no code approach to dynamically managing your business’ runtime data integration environment

Drive business intelligence

  • Deepen the context of end-to-end process flows and enable greater insight with Cleo data integration
  • Visualize operational data with real-time business process activity views, anywhere and at any time
  • Tap into powerful persona-based insight across business and operational ecosystems

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The Cleo Integration Cloud platform
supports any Data Movement initiative.

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Data Connectivity 

Reliable and secure data movement — creating a scalable solution


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Data Pipelines 

To gain the benefit of big data — you have to move it first


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Data Transformation

Automate data mapping and onboarding — say "yes" to any new partner


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Application, SaaS and EDI integration connectors to power your enterprise


Data Integration with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud provides the enterprise data integration tools to simplify and accelerate integration processes, and easily connect applications, legacy systems, databases and business partners that make up your ecosystem.

Single platform

20+ protocols, any data format or standard requirement, EDI and APIs for business process optimization


Evolve legacy systems while connecting new applications, ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and trading partners

High speed file transfer

Data acceleration for files and datasets of any size that enables batch and streaming data ingestion patterns

Embedded integration

Power your SaaS platform with embedded data movement and data transformation capabilities and extend the value you offer customers

eCommerce integration

Unlock revenue and power new business models while reducing the complexity of rapidly evolving business in the supply chain