Data Integration

Cleo Integration Cloud's data integration software optimizes your ability to accelerate and automate frictionless enterprise data integration processes across your ecosystem of partners, applications, and internal systems.

Next generation data integration software

  • Accelerate the creation of dynamic end-to-end business workflows

  • Streamline data transformation, orchestration, and movement processes

  • Low code to build enterprise data integration processes

  • Orchestrate and automate dynamic multi-enterprise data integration workflows

  • Quickly connect and integrate data across new applications and partners

  • Elastically scale data integration flow capacity to meet peak performance demands

  • Deepen the context of end-to-end process flows and enable greater insight with Cleo data integration

  • Visualize operational data with real-time business process activity views, anywhere and at any time

  • Tap into powerful persona-based insight across business and operational ecosystems


Data integration and API software.
All on one platform.


Onboard partners & applications faster

Combine templates, connectors and pre-defined partner profiles with our managed services to capture revenue faster.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Real-time integration visibility designed for every role

Customizable dashboards to surface technical & business insights. Drill down into reports for immediate intelligence to optimize productivity and operational efficiency.


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Application, SaaS, and B2B/EDI integration connectors

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Cloud integration services need accurate and reliable dataflows to start at the integration layer. Optimize product, inventory, purchase order, and logistics outcomes through versatile connectivity across cloud and on-premise applications, data, infrastructure, and storage.

The ability to provide accurate data and process automation has led to increased efficiency and improved service levels while keeping our resource costs down.

We can implement simply and quickly to meet customers’ and operational needs, and it’s easy to see that our integration capabilities have become a differentiator for Saddle Creek.

Tom Loftus
Director of Data Integration Systems
Saddle Creek Logistics

Cleo's Leading EDI platform

  • Any to any data transformation and enterprise data integration support for EDI, XML and all data formats
  • Relational database integration to enable seamless integration with DB2, MySQL, POSTgreSQL
  • Smart integration flows for faster onboarding of EDI to ERP integration for SAP, Oracle, Acumatica, and tons more

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