Data integration solutions

Data Integration

Your data comes from everywhere.
Assemble it flawlessly.

Acquiring and maintaining enterprise data connectivity across multiple sources, including your data warehouse, is the cornerstone of a strong business ecosystem - the core to scaling business growth. Cleo’s cloud data integration software helps consolidate and integrate your data from different sources, and provides a unified view of the business for deeper insight.

A data integration solution with the flexibility to take on more
Rapidly onboard new partners

Better collaboration

Accelerate information flows with enterprise data integration software that enables more business engagement and faster responses


Drive new opportunities and business growth

Drive new opportunities

Accept and process data of any type, size, or source to quickly bring on new application, partner, and customer dataflows

Improve integration operations and increase ROI

Enhance value

Increase data quality and extend data integration capabilities out to partners to strengthen business relationships

The flexibility and speed to market is quite impressive. We are able to keep our EDI staff small and invest in them and Cleo products to meet all of our customer and vendor needs. It also fits in seamlessly with our internal systems.

Ben Sanders

O’Rourke Sales Company, VP of Technology

Unify integration

  • Streamline data transformation, orchestration, and movement processes
  • Create elastic, highly-available, and reliable integration flows
  • No specialized skills set needed to build or manage data integration processes
Unify integration

Modernize IT systems

  • Integrate new systems, applications, and cloud with existing infrastructure
  • Support data migration initiatives to upgrade storage, applications, and business systems in half the time
  • Easily scale data integration flows to meet new business and customer requirements, and increasing data volumes


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Data integration solutions

Improve operations

  • Consolidate systems, applications, data integration flows, and business processes
  • Reduce risk of errors by automating critical processes
  • Provide real-time alerts and views into all data exchanges
Improve operations and consolidate systems, applications, and data integration flows

Drive business intelligence

  • Enable business intelligence (BI) tools with rapid data lake ingestion
  • Gain deeper understanding of partner interactions to identify new opportunities
  • Provide non-technical users with relevant data insights that impact their role


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Enable business intelligence (BI) tools with rapid data lake ingestion

Data Integration with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud provides the data integration tools to simplify and accelerate integration processes, and easily connect applications, storage repositories, and business platforms across all ecosystems.

Single platform

Handle any protocol, data format, API, trading partner location, and file size


Evolve legacy systems while connecting new SaaS applications

High-speed file transfer

Stream large data sets, and integrate to any location, reliably and without downtime

Embedded integration

Power all business integrations, and extend data movement capabilities to your customer base

Analytics enablement

Manage highly secure and accelerated data pipelines that feed data lakes