Data Movement

Data is the lifeblood of your business.
Keep it flowing.

End-to-end data exchange between your internal systems and partners, customers, and suppliers is more critical than ever before. Cleo lets you evolve business ecosystem communication processes through a single integration platform that supports a host of protocols, ensures compliance, and securely moves data regardless of volume or format.

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Data connectivity and data movement for integration

Reliable, secure data movement to ensure business growth and modernization

Integration connectors
Robust connectivity

A single platform with 1,500+ available connections to handle any protocol, data format, API, trading partner location, and file size


Simplify connectivity and integration
Simplify data governance

Intuitive tracking of all data flows, reducing risk of costly SLA and mandate violations

Easily connect internal systems, SaaS applications, and external trading partners
Uncompromised speed

File acceleration for faster streaming of large data sets, to any location -  without downtime

Cleo was the first communications software I searched for when I needed a new solution. It’s a secure, end-to-end solution that provides automation, data orchestration, and file movement on a single platform. We’re no longer in the dark on reporting and audit trail capabilities, and proactive alerts and notifications will help us better serve our customers.

Mike Hoben
Senior Software Engineer
Steel Technologies
Customer Interview:

Allen Lund Company and the Integration Advantage in Logistics

Discover how the Allen Lund Company leverages Cleo solutions to grow its transportation, logistics brokerage, and software business.

Ecosystem Integration Combines Integration Technology with Persona-based Insights
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Data Movement to Drive Your Ecosystem Forward

Strengthen relationships and keep critical business information flowing across your ecosystem, all without building custom code. Successful enterprises need an automated, single-platform data movement solution to route both EDI and non-EDI transactions.


Accelerate data movement. Eliminate disruptions.

• Greatly reduce transfer time for high-volume assets

• Proven scalability with 100M+ documents transferred annually

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Accelerate data movement

User Review: New Balance

"Cleo ticks all the boxes when it comes to supporting a robust MFT solution for your organization. Best in class support and highly customizable make it a can't miss solution."

Mike Winsdor, EDI Manager   |   New Balance Athletic Shoe

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Move files and data. No matter the size.

• Gain enterprise scalability with 3TB+/hour

• Integrate data from a single or multiple sources

Data movement: move files and data, no matter the size

Transparent visibility. Content-rich, context-aware.

• Access to real-time views and reports

• Monitor and track performance metrics

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Transparent data visibility

Data Movement with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud consolidates the creation and management of data movement processes, providing speed, guaranteed reliability and security of all data integration and flows.


Access hundreds of pre-built connectors and highly secure protocols to accelerate data movement processes


Ensure you meet extensive security standards from partner, industry and government regulations


Move data from any source to any target up to 345% faster than other methods


Control and monitor data movement and integrity throughout multiple business ecosystems in real-time


Quickly accommodate peaks in data volumes without risking delivery latency