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Advanced protocols

The modern enterprise competes by how fast it can connect and integrate with internal applications and their partners. Offering rapid and highly secure data exchanges only will increase the value of business relationships.

Cleo offers hundreds of pre-loaded connection configurations to make internal application and partner onboarding so much easier. With deep protocol flexibility, Cleo supports more than 20 secure protocols, including industry-certified AS2, AS3, OFTP2, and FIPS 140-2 cryptography standards. Other vendors might take weeks or even months to configure new communication routes to connect with major companies. Cleo takes as little as an hour.

The platinum standard in AS2, Cleo delivers all of its advanced protocols out of the box, with no additional costs to leverage a new protocol when a customer demands it. Say “yes” to new business and expanded growth with Cleo’s secure communications solutions.

Industry-leading pre-configured connectors

Cleo’s library of pre-configured connections quickly helps get companies up and running with trading partners and VANs so they can start earning revenue. With 80 percent of the work is already done for you via Cleo’s secure, file transfer solutions, it takes considerably less time for:

Target Walmart
Lowe's Home Depot

Retail suppliers to connect to Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, and Home Depot via AS2.

DHL Ryder

Manufacturing and logistics organizations to connect with UPS via HTTPs, as well as FedEx and DHL.

Chyrsler Toyota
Volvo Volkswagen

Auto parts manufacturers to connect with Chrysler and Toyota using secure FTP or via OFTP2 to transfer data to major European automakers, including Volvo and Volkswagen.

American Express Bank of America
JP Morgan Chase Wells Fargo
Financial Services

Businesses to exchange data with American Express, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase using secure FTP connections.

Start Doing Business Faster

Cleo customers who have previously used other EDI and data movement products say that Cleo has helped add new connections three times faster and with more confidence, even when the connections are created from scratch.

The logo of Distributel

“Before Cleo, AS2 had been a bad word around here for eight years, as it was difficult to maintain, sometimes crashed, and support was less than ideal. Overall, our experience with the previous software was a relatively subpar experience. The Cleo solution delivers exactly what we need, and the support is second to none.”

— Craig Williams, Distributel

The logo of Choice Logistics

“As a service provider to our customers, we knew our software solution was going to require a deep protocol set and high availability. We were moving toward a 100% secure environment and needed a solution that would stand up to our stringent requirements”

— Robert Bacchi, Choice Logistics

The logo of Tungsten Network

“The Cleo Harmony solution delivered the high-availability environment Tungsten Network needed to manage the substantial data transfers for our thousands of global trading partners. Cleo’s truly scalable architecture and advanced visibility features will be invaluable assets for making strategic business decisions and enabling Tungsten’s future growth.”

— Chris Tallis, Tungsten Network

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