Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solutions

Managed File Transfer for automated, accelerated, and governed data movement, connecting your business, trading partners, suppliers, and customers for a secure and reliable B2B network

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Managed file transfer with Cleo

How confident are you in your file transfers?

Companies looking to reduce risk associated with data breaches and non-compliance must first consolidate their file integration flows, and confirm that all data exchanges internal and external to the organization are secure and auditable.

Cleo’s MFT solutions centralize and govern all managed file transfers moving throughout your business with the greatest protocol flexibility on the market, providing native integration to more than 20 rapid and secure B2B/EDI communications protocols.

With access to thousands of pre-built MFT connections to the world’s largest trading partner networks, Cleo enables you to onboard new partners and start transacting in minutes. With API extensibility, Cleo’s MFT solution promotes faster file integration to the application layer allowing you to extend your ESB and other critical business systems. Ensure customer and trading partner SLAs with end-to-end data tracking and visibility across all data flowing through the enterprise. Meet enhanced SLAs and ensure compliance mandates are being met.

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MFT accountability

Gain complete control, governance, and auditability over all data transactions

Consolidate your integration processes

Consolidate all business-to-business, application-to-application, and peer-to-peer integration processes

MFT automation

Develop and automate custom MFT integration with Cleo’s APIs

MFT visibility

Access data transaction visibility, reporting, and notifications in real-time

MFT accelerated data movement

Accelerate the movement of data in any size or volume

“The push has always been logistics and trading partners. Inventory control, stock management control, distribution, purchase orders/invoicing. That’s what we do with the Cleo Integration Suite (CIS), and Cleo handles all of our supply chain operations. We can handle our entire distribution lifecycle with CIS.”

— Michael Donham, Octapharma

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Is your MFT keeping up with your growth?

Why use Cleo for MFT?

Easy deployment and operation
Easy deployment and operation

You have the option to deploy Cleo MFT solutions on your cloud or ours, with the flexibility to self-manage MFT processes, or have Cleo manage them for you.

Blazing fast setup
Blazing-fast setup

With more than 900 preconfigured connections and the widest array of secure protocols in the industry, you can set up connections and start transferring files in hours instead of days, or even weeks.

Proven reliability
Proven reliability

Cleo solutions offer high availability and reliably, that has been proven and tested in more than 100,000 installations around the world.

Multi-protocol support
Multi-protocol support

Seamlessly support all secure protocols required to handle data exchanges, including critical customer exchanges that must be secure and reliable to keep your business running.

Gold-standard Drummond certification
Gold-standard Drummond certification

Our products are Drummond-certified, so you will enjoy the added confidence of industry-wide interoperability.

Customer and regulatory compliance
Customer and regulatory compliance

All Cleo solutions provide real-time visibility, complete control, and governance to ensure that you can meet all compliance mandates, and better manage and monitor the data powering your business.

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